When it comes to sushi, I have no class.

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

As I was growing up on Cape Cod I would go torepparttar fish pier every Sunday morning with my Dad to pick up a fresh fish.. Part ofrepparttar 105393 ritual would be to stand onrepparttar 105394 dock and watchrepparttar 105395 boats unload. Whilerepparttar 105396 men all exchanged their secret language of growl and spit, I would stand off to one side watchingrepparttar 105397 fisherman prepare their fresh catch. Many times a fish would jumprepparttar 105398 box and lay flapping around onrepparttar 105399 deck ofrepparttar 105400 boat. The fisherman would pick it up, push a fish knife intorepparttar 105401 lower belly, and with a quick twist ofrepparttar 105402 wristrepparttar 105403 fish’s internal organs would come bursting out and hang down like grapes. The fisherman would then pullrepparttar 105404 innards fromrepparttar 105405 fish, tossrepparttar 105406 fish inrepparttar 105407 lift bucket and off it would go torepparttar 105408 market. The ghastly smelling innards were tossed torepparttar 105409 irrepressible seagulls hovering and shrieking above.

Several times while looking atrepparttar 105410 neat rows of raw fish displayed inrepparttar 105411 fish market, I would see long tall almost transparent worms standing up fromrepparttar 105412 flesh, looking around. Seaweed was used to decoraterepparttar 105413 edges ofrepparttar 105414 inner display case but no one ever dreamed of eating it.

rm Seafood Restaurant at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas

Written by Carolyn Proctor

rm Seafood Restaurant in Las Vegas as seen in Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com Readrepparttar entire feature free with photos at: http://www.jetsettersmagazine.com/archive/jetezine/food/vegas/rmseafood/rmseafood.html

Valentine's weekend (2005) in Las Vegas sawrepparttar 105392 launch of celebrated New York chef Rick Moonen's rm restaurant.

Overhead spot lighting is flattering, and easy listening jazz plays unobtrusively inrepparttar 105393 background. Booths and tables, arrayed with white linen tablecloths & napkins and deep dish votive candles, seat 80 people. Mahogany is everywhere, and pinpoints of light reflect on a glass wall separatingrepparttar 105394 bar fromrepparttar 105395 restaurant. Inrepparttar 105396 middle of a window overlookingrepparttar 105397 shopping mall, water cascades down glass to pool aboverepparttar 105398 entrance below.

This striking design was created by Cass Calder Smith, a San Francisco-based architect. Perhaps that's whyrepparttar 105399 clean, modern look could be reminiscent of a swank yacht club with both a tranquil and intimate feeling. You getrepparttar 105400 idea that no detail has been overlooked by Smith and Moonen, right down torepparttar 105401 square water glasses and square white china plates.

Brett, our waiter, in simple black shirt and slacks, brings menus and fresh-from-the-oven-tasting crusty rolls with a tiramisalada. The spread consists of almonds, potatos, lemon, oil and carp roe. We remind ourselves not to fill up on this delicacy—there's much more to come.

We begin with an Amuse of Yellow Fin Tuna finished in champagne vinaigrette, which perfectly sets offrepparttar 105402 salty flavor ofrepparttar 105403 tuna's spicy crust.

The first ofrepparttar 105404 six courses that constitutesrepparttar 105405 Chef's Tasting Menu isrepparttar 105406 flash-seared Hamachi, a white fish surrounded by honshimiji mushrooms and green onions. Atrepparttar 105407 table, Brett pours over it a warm lobster consommé.

Since I orderedrepparttar 105408 Chef's Tasting Menu and my husband, Cork, ordered an entrée, his salad of choice is served atrepparttar 105409 same time. It's a cold Hamachi Ceviche, with ruby grapefruit and yuzu. "Yuzu is a spicy sweet and sour sauce," Brett says. It's lemony and sweet atrepparttar 105410 same time, but doesn't overpowerrepparttar 105411 tender morsels of hamachi.

Next is served Dorade Royale with a golden raisin caponata, garlic puree and white balsamic agrodolche. Two of these words are new to me. Brett explains: "A caponata is a mixture of vegetables and pine nuts, a sort of Mediterranean relish. Agrodolche is Italian for sweet and sour." The golden raisins make a tiny burst of sweet in your mouth when you least expect it.

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