When it comes to pricing your ebooks.

Written by Brian Holte

Are you having a difficult time pricing your ebooks? Don’t feel bad, your not alone. Correctly pricing an ebook is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. There are many factors that come into consideration when pricing your ebooks. Two such factors are supply and demand. Many internet marketers will be upset with me when I say this but I don’t care, unless you have one whopper of an ebook on internet marketing with a truly killer of a USP (Unique Selling Point) your dead inrepparttar water. Ouch...I knowrepparttar 108416 truth hurts but this is reality in my opinion. Withrepparttar 108417 LARGE amount of IM (internet marketing) ebooks onrepparttar 108418 net today andrepparttar 108419 dwindling lack of interest because of some really poorly written ebooks I’d bet their sales have suffered. There are some good ebooks on IM out there, just hard to find. When a guy is offering a $27.00 ebook with $1500.00 worth of bonuses (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little) something’s up, wouldn’t you think? However, if your writing an ebook on a very tight, specific niche market this is where things turn in your favour. Little Supply+Lots of Demand=Hefty Sales at a premium price. You know your onto a good idea when searches on google and amazon show up with zero results for your topic. This is when you should get excited and start creating. Look atrepparttar 108420 prices of “print books” and base your pricing on that if your really stuck for a figure. Of course this is just a general guideline, some say pricing amounts to psychology and usingrepparttar 108421 right words too hook you. This is true to a certain point. I mean look at allrepparttar 108422 brochures and fliers you read every week, everyone tests, tests, and tests more. Testing comes with a price, it takes manpower to testrepparttar 108423 price feasibility of any product. Another strategy to consider when

Your eBook, Your Viral Salesman

Written by Albin Dittli

Ebooks arerepparttar wave ofrepparttar 108415 future, andrepparttar 108416 wave is here now.

It used to be that paper books were king. They were real. You could hold them in your hands, take them anywhere with you, and put them on bookshelves. They have nice covers that (Sometimes) tell you aboutrepparttar 108417 books in exciting terms.

When Gutenberg invented printing he brought an entire civilization out ofrepparttar 108418 dark ages.

I love paper books and use them allrepparttar 108419 time. My wife is a teacher and paper books help her tremendously. Especially useful are picture books with big beautiful informative pictures. I hope these paper books never go away.

Ray Bradbury’s futuristic novel “Fahrenheit 451” is spooky. Inrepparttar 108420 storyrepparttar 108421 government hires firefighters to burn books. That is scary, burning books so that people cannot have access to them.

Yet burning books has happened historically. An invader burnedrepparttar 108422 great library in Alexandria. And there have been others. They have all been great losses.

In recent years we have been seeing a new form of book,repparttar 108423 ebook.

My introduction torepparttar 108424 ebook was a few years ago when a discoveredrepparttar 108425 Project Gutenberg web site. Here I found stories that I had read and loved years ago as a boy. Many have been out of print for years.

I also found books by some of my favorite authors that I had not read or even known of. It was a “treasure” web site for me.

Andrepparttar 108426 ebooks could be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word and then printed out. I printed out many of my favorites and read them. I still visitrepparttar 108427 Project Gutenberg site, and others like it, regularly looking for new treasures.

Here arerepparttar 108428 web address for Project Gutenberg and five other sites that I like from which you can read or download stories, fiction, and non-fiction.







The Marketing ebook

A couple of years ago I started marketing onrepparttar 108429 Internet. It wasn’t soon before I discoveredrepparttar 108430 marketing ebook.

The marketing ebooks differed considerably fromrepparttar 108431 Project Gutenberg ebooks.

The Project Gutenberg books were generally all text with not pictures, images, or links. You could read them onrepparttar 108432 screen or copy them to an edit for reading there or for printing.

The marketing ebooks contained text, images, links to web pages, and navigation controls. And all ofrepparttar 108433 marketing ebooks were new to me.

At first most ofrepparttar 108434 marketing ebooks came in an EXE format. This format deliversrepparttar 108435 ebook torepparttar 108436 reader in one EXE file, which can be opened from windows like a program.

Lately more and more Ebooks are being published in PDF format. To readrepparttar 108437 PDF format you must have an Adobe reader. Adobe readers can be downloaded free.

The advantages ofrepparttar 108438 EXE format are that you can take HTML code and compile it into an EXE format ebook. It can an offline website. Just about any feature that you can put into a web site can be put into an EXE format ebook. This includes sounds, animated graphics, hyperlinks to other parts ofrepparttar 108439 eBook, and hyperlinks to web pages. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility here.

The advantage ofrepparttar 108440 PDF format is that you can take a text document and very speedily convert it to PDF format. You do not have to createrepparttar 108441 document in HTML format first. You can have images and hyperlinks to web pages in your PDF ebook. One ofrepparttar 108442 biggest advantages is that PDF format can be read by both windows users and MAC users.

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