When does a Corporate Video add value?

Written by Joel Loader

A professionally made corporate video production can greatly enhance your company profile and can be used in a variety of applications. Listed below are a number ofrepparttar most common uses for corporate video.

Promotional Video Production

A promotional video is a dynamic, fast moving commercial, often with a musical accompaniment, and can be used to promote any ofrepparttar 137113 services or products that your company has to offer. Promotional videos are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to engagerepparttar 137114 audience atrepparttar 137115 introduction to a multimedia sales presentation, conference, or training seminar and are also very often used running on a loop on exhibition stands and in company reception areas. These promotional videos can also be incorporated into CD ROMs and DVDs as an introductory piece. Promotional videos can be highly effective and powerful at communicating your company's strengths in a dynamic and exciting way. The same video promo can also be used for a variety of applications, thus reducing filming expenses.

Executive Broadcast Video Production

One ofrepparttar 137116 biggest problems facing directors of large multi-national companies or plc's is attempting to communicate on a personal level with their immense and geographically diverse audiences. Executive broadcast corporate videos enablerepparttar 137117 senior member, or members, of a company to dedicate a couple of hours of their time to being interviewed, and tackling any major questions or issues which may have come to light. By using a corporate video, they save themselvesrepparttar 137118 huge cost, and time, of travelling from place to place attending conferences in order to achieverepparttar 137119 same result.

An Executive Broadcast can be used for a multitude of corporate and training video applications, from welcoming new employees to a company, to communicating new management strategies or simply sharing your vision ofrepparttar 137120 companies' future with your staff. Corporate video production can providerepparttar 137121 ideal means of explaining your businesses core values torepparttar 137122 customers, and can even berepparttar 137123 perfect medium for communicating price sensitive announcements to city institutions andrepparttar 137124 press etc. There are many other uses for executive broadcasts and video production companies will work with your business to create tailor made executive broadcasts to suit your company.

Customer Testimonial Video Production

Customer testimonial videos are recorded interviews where a customer is asked to give their feelings on a product or on a company's service. Customer testimonial video production is becoming increasingly essential inrepparttar 137125 current business climate. Customers often like to hearrepparttar 137126 opinions of their fellow consumers, and customer testimonial corporate videos can berepparttar 137127 ideal way to communicate this information. Customer testimonial corporate video can be inrepparttar 137128 form of short clips of customers describing their reaction to a product or company, or maybe longer interviews of customers dealing with specific or more in depth viewpoints. Customer testimonial video production can be used for a variety of purposes, from forming part of a video promotion, as an endorsement on exhibition stands, as part of a general sales presentation, or even to be used on an e-business card, and then given out at events, exhibitions, meetings etc. Customer testimonial videos can even be useful when assessing one's own business, as they can be used to create video case studies of customers, and thereby assessrepparttar 137129 product fromrepparttar 137130 customer's side.

Benefits of Training Videos

Written by Joel Loader

A major problem withrepparttar running of a large corporation or PLC, isrepparttar 137112 increasing expense of staff training programmes. Training videos are exactly whatrepparttar 137113 title says - videos made forrepparttar 137114 purpose of staff training. When a company has a large and geographically diverse audience, it can be extremely expensive to either send experienced trainers to all of them, or pay for each individual to attend training courses. A training video can dramatically reduce these costs, and makerepparttar 137115 training information immediately available to all members of staff. Training video production can be presented in many ways - from a series of specifically filmed programmes, torepparttar 137116 filming of training seminars and important presentations that have taken place at these events and conferences, which can then be edited into video form so thatrepparttar 137117 benefits of these seminars are massively increased.

Once they have been filmed, training videos can either be delivered on CD-ROM for computer based presentations, or VHS and DVD for television presentations. Training videos are often incorporated into part of an overall training programme depending onrepparttar 137118 needs ofrepparttar 137119 company. Training videos are very often used for induction purposes for new staff and most people will see at least one of them in their working life. However they can also be used for a multitude of other applications. For example, if a new piece of technology is introduced into your company, then a training video isrepparttar 137120 ideal way to getrepparttar 137121 information on how to use it across your entire workforce as quickly asrepparttar 137122 technology needs to be incorporated. It could take weeks to trainrepparttar 137123 staff in individual or group sessions, so costs can be saved on both training, and time. Training videos can also be used to train staff on new policies, health and safety issues, customer service standards, or simplyrepparttar 137124 latest sales features on a new product. When you have to train a wide and geographically diverse audience, training videos can berepparttar 137125 ideal means of gettingrepparttar 137126 information through your company inrepparttar 137127 fastest and most cost effective way.

Every company must offer their employees training fromrepparttar 137128 initial training at orientation to ongoing development. "The way you train your new employees is important in not only enabling them to do a good job, but also with their retention. Recent studies have shown that when a new hire is adequately trained inrepparttar 137129 beginning, they feel more confident in their job and therefore will stay with you longer." - Peggy Morrow, 'Training for Success'. Video has long been recognized as a valuable teaching medium because it can effectively convey to students an instructor's visual clues, for example, gestures, posture and facial expressions that aid communication and comprehension. Decades of research show body language isrepparttar 137130 single most important element in verbal communication. MediaPoint Technology Boosts Streaming Video as Training Tool. In good times as well as bad, one ofrepparttar 137131 biggest hidden expenses for many businesses isrepparttar 137132 cost of bringing new workers up to speed or training existing employees for new job duties.

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