When You Feel Blocked: Six Powerful Rituals to Help You Break Through

Written by Avalon De Witt

Have you ever felt blocked, stuck in a rut? Like part of you wants to change, grow, or move forward with something, but another part of you seems to be standing inrepparttar way? And no matter how you try, it seems you are unable to make a difference?

Being blocked can become a vicious cycle becauserepparttar 136274 longer you are blocked,repparttar 136275 more difficult it becomes to believe in yourself.

When you encounter a block in your life, what you are facing is actuallyrepparttar 136276 doorway torepparttar 136277 next stage in your soul's journey. The mere awareness of your "stuckness" is a call from within to live more fully. Yet, how do you break out of this state? A lot of people sayrepparttar 136278 answer is to follow Nike's advice and "just do it." But if you've ever been blocked, you know it's not quite that simple. If you could bring yourself to "just do it," you probably would.

Sometimes we need a starting point. Some way of shifting our gears, to get our momentum going.

When I was in Kindergarten, we made Christmas presents for our parents in school. I still remember what we made for our dads, because it was a source of light humor forrepparttar 136279 moms: coffee cans filled with sand. We lived in Indiana where there was always a lot of ice and slush inrepparttar 136280 winter. The coffee cans included instructions forrepparttar 136281 dads to keeprepparttar 136282 can in their car and throw some sand behind their wheels, should they happen to get stuck.

Sometimes we need a little sand behind our wheels, spiritually speaking. A ritual can be just that. We use rituals allrepparttar 136283 time, to mark transitions, to honor endings, to celebrate new beginnings, to rejuvenate ourselves and to remind ourselves of what's important to us.

Here are six rituals that can help you break uprepparttar 136284 ice and slush in your life and getrepparttar 136285 lift you need to move ahead:

1. Create an Altar You can use anything from a small table to a milk crate. Cover it with a nice cloth and place your favorite spiritually uplifting objects on top. Use crystals, candles, figurines, dolls, bells, bowls, feathers and pictures that inspire you. You can use your altar as a place for prayer, meditation, worship, creativity, sending or receiving healing, or just relaxing.

2. Purify Your Body Inside Fast for a day. Drink only pure water. If you need to, drink vegetable and fruit juices. Saverepparttar 136286 money you would have spent on food and give it torepparttar 136287 charity of your choice. After you're finished with your fast, replenish your body with super-healthy power foods like sprouts, beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes and oats. Avoid anything processed or pre-packaged. Make sure you get plenty of sleep at night and stretch your body when you wake up inrepparttar 136288 morning.

3. Purify Your Body Outside Give yourself a massage. Start at your scalp and work your way down, sending love into any part of your body that holds pain or tension. Take your time and go slowly with areas that are especially tense or painful. Then, take a hot bath with sea salt, Epsom salts and your favorite essential oil. Use natural soap and exfoliate your skin with a loofah sponge. If you want to really invigorate yourself, rinse under a cold shower. Finish off with a soothing lotion and put on some comfortable clothing. This ritual is particularly good for empaths.

True Happiness

Written by Kim Olver

Most people look outside of themselves asrepparttar cause of their unhappiness or frustration. After all, wouldn’t life be practically perfect ifrepparttar 135853 significant people in our lives would simply do thingsrepparttar 135854 way we want them to or do what we think is best for them? Actually, this isrepparttar 135855 kind of thinking that perpetuatesrepparttar 135856 misery!

I agree that most of today’s unhappiness centers on important people in our lives not cooperating with us. Can anyone relate to that? Have you ever had a child who makes a decision that puts them in serious danger? Have you ever had a significant other decide to relocate or make an employment decision with which you were not in agreement? Did one of your parents ever say something critical to you that rocked your confidence? Ever had a supervisor who micromanaged your work and never gave credit for your good work performance? I think you getrepparttar 135857 idea. Any one or combination of these things can be a source of unhappiness for us and I’m sure you can add several others torepparttar 135858 list.

While we are in situations such as these, it sure feels like ifrepparttar 135859 others in our life would just cooperate and berepparttar 135860 way we want them to be, and then our lives would be so much better, happier and more fulfilling. While this may, in fact, be true, what I also believe is this. While we are busy trying to get those significant others in our lives to do things our way,repparttar 135861 behaviors we typically engage in to move others in our desired direction are exactly those behaviors that damage, and ultimately destroy, our relationships.

You knowrepparttar 135862 behaviors I’m talking about: punishing, guilting, complaining, nagging, threatening, criticizing, “the silent treatment”, and if we are particularly savvy, rewarding to control, otherwise known as bribing.

If you are one of those people whose first choice of action is to negotiate and openrepparttar 135863 doors of communication, then you are rare. Ask yourself what do you typically resort to when negotiations fail?

I know one of my more polished behaviors is nagging. I am a world class nag---just ask my children. You knowrepparttar 135864 drill. “How about cleaning up your room today?” Thirty minutes later, afterrepparttar 135865 child is still in front of his video game, “Are you going to get to that room today?” Maybe two hours later, several decibels louder, “What about that ROOM?” Then, as a last frustration, it’s “Will you get off your lazy a*# and clean your blankety blank blank room!!!!” Ever been there? Did it work to getrepparttar 135866 room cleaned? In my case, it usually didn’t.

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