When Weather Diverts You. . .

Written by Pat Redmond

It's part of flying, and there's nothing you can do about it. . . perhaps.

You're trying to get to your destination, or maybe you're trying to get home. You look atrepparttar weather and no matter how you plot out your time, direction of flight, and other options, you're staying put!

Blessing or curse?

I guess it depends what you'd like to make of it.

Flying home from OshKosh I met up with a couple stranded atrepparttar 116299 Mason County Airport (LDM) in Ludington,Michigan. If I were to be stranded anywhere, Ludington would be my dream! Beautiful sandy beaches on Lake Michigan have made this town one ofrepparttar 116300 busiest resort towns in Michigan.

Again, blessing or curse?

This couple called over 40 hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts only to find all of them sold out! Once again they reviewed their options. Fly to Ann Arbor for a better position inrepparttar 116301 morning, sleep inrepparttar 116302 plane, make use ofrepparttar 116303 comfortable lounge furniture inrepparttar 116304 terminal lobby?

The adventure continued. . .

A call from a local Bed and Breakfast revealed that there was one room they hadn't discovered. They'd have to share a bathroom, and there was no air conditioning, but there was a "bed" and a "breakfast!"

It turns out that this couple had also spentrepparttar 116305 night in Ludington onrepparttar 116306 way over to OshKosh when weather prevented them from flying acrossrepparttar 116307 lake.

The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a New Airplane rather Than Used

Written by Pat Redmond

"I'd really like a brand new aircraft, but wouldn't I be better off just finding a good, clean used aircraft?" Read on to learnrepparttar top 10 reasons to purchase new rather than used equipment.

1. You want to ownrepparttar 116298 latest in TECHNOLOGY.

Multi-function displays, GPS, weather uplink. . . These are just a few ofrepparttar 116299 tools available to pilots ofrepparttar 116300 new aircraft. It won't be long before this equipment will berepparttar 116301 "norm." www.bendixking.com/

2. You want to ownrepparttar 116302 latest in SAFETY.

Each year, new features increaserepparttar 116303 safety of flying and of our aircraft. Why not haverepparttar 116304 best you can get?

3. You wantrepparttar 116305 "hassle free" upkeep thatrepparttar 116306 2 year warranty provides.

You want everything to work, and you want hassle free maintenance, right? Your warranty will give you that peace of mind andrepparttar 116307 dollar savings that go along with a 2 year warranty. Joinrepparttar 116308 TeleClass: "The Care and Feeding of your New Cessna Aircraft" by clicking onrepparttar 116309 following link: www.airplanenoise.com

4. You want to berepparttar 116310 1st to fly your new airplane.

Most trips pale in comparison torepparttar 116311 trip torepparttar 116312 factory to bring home your new aircraft! Berepparttar 116313 first to see and fly your airplane! www.airplanenoise.com/great_trips.htm

5. You want to know howrepparttar 116314 airplane's been flown and howrepparttar 116315 engine's been broken in.

There are no suprises when you've beenrepparttar 116316 one flying and breaking in your airplane. You can baby your airplane like no one else can!

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