When The Job Kills

Written by Laurie Sheppard

You sayrepparttar job is killing you Ė here are some questions to help you determine what to consider before you chuck it all.What happened, you or them? Some where alongrepparttar 146266 line things changed. Your responsibilities shifted. Your work became redundant. Your boss became unbearable. Your co-workers donít respect you anymore. Something started looking different and your driven to consider another job. How much is due to other people and actual changes? How much ofrepparttar 146267 problem is something in your personal life? You have to determinerepparttar 146268 weak links, because whatever they are, if you donít figure them out first, youíll bring them with you wherever you go.

What do you know about your strengths and weaknesses? Ifrepparttar 146269 problem is you, then before you make that career transition, get some counseling, coaching, or whatever it takes for you to make a confident, reasonable decision. You canít afford to be one ofrepparttar 146270 walking wounded when looking for a new job. If you try to pass yourself off as passionate and ready for new opportunities, then you will likely show up as needy. Itís time to do an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and transferable skills. Sit down, write them out. Know what expertise you will bring and what you will rely on others to provide.

Exercise and Its Effect on Your Job Search

Written by Ryan Stewart

You are treating your pharmaceutical job search like a full-time job itself, right? You are practicing a pattern of daily activities that include networking, cold calling, readingrepparttar employment section ofrepparttar 146265 newspaper and surfingrepparttar 146266 Internet. You may even be maintaining your competitive edge by reading up onrepparttar 146267 latest pharmaceutical news. So, why are you ignoring your health?

When you are devoting most of your time to searching for a pharmaceutical job it can be easy ignore your well-being. Many of those who are actively looking for a job inrepparttar 146268 pharmaceutical industry state they donít haverepparttar 146269 energy to work out. The unfortunate thing is that exercise actually gives you more energy once you have established a routine. Additionally, physical activity helps you manage your stress levels. When you understand that your stress, when left unmanaged, can influence your job search you should begin to realizerepparttar 146270 importance your physical and emotional health when you are actively looking for a job.

Typically, researching and finding a pharmaceutical position takes at least a few months and staying healthy is essential so that you makerepparttar 146271 best impression you can when dealing with your networking contacts and potential employers. Some ways to ensure a positive physical regimen during your job search include:

* Get plenty of sleep! Go to bed and wake up atrepparttar 146272 same time every time. * Try to engage in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise between 3-4 times per week. This may mean a brisk walk, a tennis match with a friend, whatever gets you moving.

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