When Something is Free Online

Written by S. Housley

What are consumer expectations when something is free? Realistically, consumers subconsiously assume free means free, and while that might berepparttar initial intent rarely is itrepparttar 145441 case.

What Exactly Does Free Mean? Realistically, consumers subconsciously assume free means free, and while that might berepparttar 145442 initial intent, rarely is it trulyrepparttar 145443 case.

Why do Companies Offer Things for Free? Companies or individuals may promote a free offer or service for any number of reasons. From branding to ad revenue, companies often use "free" to attract attention or interest. As a consumer, it is important to realize what "free" might really mean.

Reasons Things Are Free:

Linking Companies may offer something in exchange for a link back to their website. Asrepparttar 145444 web becomes increasingly more competitive, linking can effect more than just search engine placement, and providing a product, service or information free of charge in exchange for a link can be a good business decision. Often, publishers will create articles like this one and make it available for syndication, withrepparttar 145445 stipulation being thatrepparttar 145446 author resource box that followsrepparttar 145447 article remain intact, providing links back torepparttar 145448 author's website. Bottom line, authors often make content available for syndication in exchange for links back to their websites, which they benefit from.

Ad Revenue Some companies provide a product or service free of charge and generate money from advertising. Perhaps they sell banner advertising on their website. A free product draws web traffic so thatrepparttar 145449 number of visitors seeingrepparttar 145450 advertisement increases. The more visitors a site attracts, typicallyrepparttar 145451 more revenue generated fromrepparttar 145452 ad space. Perhaps a software application is free of charge, but has embedded advertisements. When ads are clicked,repparttar 145453 software developer earns a percentage ofrepparttar 145454 revenue paid for servingrepparttar 145455 advertisement.

Goodwill Branding / Public Relations On occasion, companies will provide a product, service or information free of charge. Ifrepparttar 145456 offering is extremely magnanimous or socially sensitive, they will often receive significant press exposure, generating free publicity for their brand. Pepsi Cola sponsors a number of athletic events and generates enormous amounts of brand loyalty and positive PR with their target audience.

Contact Information Sometimes companies or individuals will provide something free in exchange for contact information. Ebooks are often provided free of charge if you provide an email address. The contact information may be sold at a later time or be used to market related products. It is important to check website privacy policies to determine how personal information can be used.

7 Powerful Ways To Jump Start Your Sales

Written by Ken Hill

1. Publish testimonials.

Along with your customer testimonials, include testimonials from other respected marketers.

You'll be able to gain instant credibility for your offer because many of your visitors will already view your endorsers as experts.

2. Offer a limited time bonus.

You'll get more of your visitors to purchase from you because they won't want to miss out on your special deal.

3. Split Test.

With split testing you create one or more new versions of your sales page.

You then test and track your new version(s) against your original sales page.

Because your visitors will seerepparttar same version of your site throughout your test, you'll be able to easily see which sales page producesrepparttar 145359 best results.

You can then make permanent, powerful changes to your site that increase your conversion rates and add to your bottom line.

4. Publish an ezine.

Build up your credibility by publishing your own informative articles, tips, and advice within your ezine.

Also set a publishing schedule that you know you'll be able to keep so that your readers will be used to hearing from you and won't mistake your ezine as spam.

Tip: You can avoidrepparttar 145360 spam issue altogether by publishing your ezine in RSS format.

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