When Search Engine Marketing and Trademarks Collide

Written by Tommy Maric

Inrepparttar world of marketing, branding issues are always an important part of any campaign. Companies work hard for their name to be recognized as a quality organization and a leader in their field. Companies will defend any action they see as a negative to their brand. They do not want unauthorized third parties to advertise their products, because they may do it in a poor manner which will generate negative consequences forrepparttar 137973 quality ofrepparttar 137974 company’s brand. Recently, Google was charged with trademark violations by Geico and American Blinds. The cases (C 03-05340 JF US District Court For The Northern District Of California San Jose Division) have gone torepparttar 137975 discovery phase of litigation, which meansrepparttar 137976 judges have said there is enough there right now factually to potentially justify these lawsuits. The impact of this trial could be vast for search marketers.

A “trademark” is a word, symbol (i.e., logo) or phrase used to identify a particular product and distinguish it from other products inrepparttar 137977 marketplace. The degree of distinctiveness or uniqueness is what usually determines legal protection. Terms or symbols that are not unique to a particular product or company are generally not given protection. Generic terms are also not protected. The claims made by Geico and American Blinds are that Google’s AdWords program violatesrepparttar 137978 law by allowing competitors to purchase keywords that are protected trademarks. Geico and American Blinds contest that by allowing advertisers to bid on their keyword that is in essencerepparttar 137979 same thing as sellingrepparttar 137980 Geico or American Blinds name without their authorization.

Manufacturing PR to be Available to Manufacturing Association Members

Written by Thomas Cutler

Ranked asrepparttar nation’s leading manufacturing public relations firm, TR Cutler, Inc. (www.trcutlerinc.com) based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is launching a new affinity program providing intensive Manufacturing PR Media Blitz’ to members of manufacturing associations. According to Cutler, “Manufacturing Associations have been seeking ways to drive additional revenue streams. Overrepparttar 137935 past few years membership revenue has decreased and service revenue has been one ofrepparttar 137936 few ways in which these associations have been able to survive. Due torepparttar 137937 leadership role that TR Cutler, Inc. has inrepparttar 137938 manufacturing public relations arena, we have decided to introduce a program that will allow manufacturing associations to offer their members deeply discounted PR services starting in September 2005. There will be no cost forrepparttar 137939 manufacturing associations to participate inrepparttar 137940 program.”

- Cutler foundedrepparttar 137941 Manufacturing Media Consortium™ inrepparttar 137942 same year. This is a group of more than 2000 journalists worldwide writing about trends, data, case studies, profiles, and features inrepparttar 137943 manufacturing and industrial sector. Cutler worked with hundreds of media outlets to expandrepparttar 137944 coverage and importance ofrepparttar 137945 manufacturing media coverage.

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