"When Philip can do,Why can't me"

Written by krishnan.c

Children may born with 'gold spoon' but not with bad character. It isrepparttar parent's guidance and surveillance determines childrens character.

So as a parent you must guide them properly to become a good citizen to our nation also to your family.

"Akio Morita" who isrepparttar 138657 founder ofrepparttar 138658 world best communication and entertainment giant "Sony" was born in a small town. His father was a traditional type where as Morita was contemporary. Morita used to think everything on a positive side.

His idea for inventing a packet radio is satisfyingrepparttar 138659 millions of people as a mobile entertainment kit.

The idea of developingrepparttar 138660 packet radio came as a spark in his mind on seeingrepparttar 138661 statue of another world best Communication giant Dr.Philip, founder of world famous 'Philips'.

Morito swung into action and inventedrepparttar 138662 packet radio on seeingrepparttar 138663 statue of "Dr.Philip".

The only thing in his mind at that time was "When Philip can do" "Why can't me".

The result of such rationale and positive thinking made him to developrepparttar 138664 "Sony" packet radio, which is now satisfyingrepparttar 138665 millions of peoples aroundrepparttar 138666 world as a mobile radio, easy to fit in their packet and also to their ear also.

Nowrepparttar 138667 "Sony" has developed as a communication giant whether it may be a TV, or a mobile phone.

If Akio Morito has not acted positively on seeingrepparttar 138668 statue of Dr.Philiprepparttar 138669 world would not have seen another revolution inrepparttar 138670 field of communication.

You can hangrepparttar 138671 picture of "Akio Morito" in a place where your children's attention is drawn regularly.

You can hang it over behindrepparttar 138672 TV or in their bedroom or in a place where you think that it can draw their attention much.

The picture and therebyrepparttar 138673 story of Mr.Akio Morita will consciously or unconsciously record inrepparttar 138674 minds of, your children.

When consciously or unconsciously recordedrepparttar 138675 subconscious mind will give positive ideas or thoughts onrepparttar 138676 line ofrepparttar 138677 thinking already recorded inrepparttar 138678 subconscious mind.

Don't you be proud of your children if they are another Akio Morito or more than another Akio Morito. Definitely your children can be.

The immediate concern of you now is that you don't haverepparttar 138679 image of Akio Morito.

Don't worry. It is not a great worry. You haverepparttar 138680 alternative. You can writerepparttar 138681 name of Akio Morito in a piece of paper or in a card and paste it in a place where your children's attention is drawn regularly.

Don't forget to brief themrepparttar 138682 profile of Akio Morito.Once they heardrepparttar 138683 profile they won't forget it even if you ask them to forget it.

Children's level of remembrance is so acute thanrepparttar 138684 matured.

No children born in this world is genius on his birth but he is made genius byrepparttar 138685 circumstances and guidance.

The circumstances and guidance you create for them make them as genius.

Just One Person We All Need...

Written by Sanjeev Shama

I understand that allrepparttar self made people of this world, be it:

the late Abraham Lincoln, former President ofrepparttar 138641 United States, who failed at most levels in his early life. This can de-motivate evenrepparttar 138642 strongest people inrepparttar 138643 world, but he continued and becamerepparttar 138644 President.

Mr. Amitabh Bhachan who as a result of organizing one Miss World contest in India became deeply in debt. The media wrote him off and his career was finished. But today he is there, standing tall atrepparttar 138645 top of his career,repparttar 138646 busiest star inrepparttar 138647 Indian cinema industry'

Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, a cricket hope of billions of fans acrossrepparttar 138648 world. One failure among his successes and adverse comments are made on his technique and play, so every time he plays he has to prove his credibility and make his game speak for him.

The late Dhirubhai Ambani who started a business inrepparttar 138649 late 60s with very little. Today his business empire which covers a wide range of industries is worth billions of US dollars, or anybody else whom you know of this ilk, always had at least one constant source of inspiration and motivation, perhaps living or not living, something or someone who kept them striving throughout their journey torepparttar 138650 highest pinnacle of their career or profession. This one person can be anybody - parent, brother or sister, friend, spouse or perhaps someone unseen.

When Thomas Edison was in school, fourth grade, a note was sent to his mother byrepparttar 138651 school authorities. It said that your son is dumb, and we couldn't teach him. The mother replied, if you don't want to teach my son, it is your wish and decision but my Eddy is not dumb. What happened after that is a history. History is full of such examples, but we don't have time to read them all..

We all know that there is a difference between ordinary and extraordinary person. The difference isrepparttar 138652 word EXTRA. Extraordinary people put in extra efforts in whatever they do. However,repparttar 138653 term extra can hide many roads.

Failing or falling is not a crime. Foolproof plans do fail:repparttar 138654 strongest of buildings do crash;repparttar 138655 unsinkable sinks - human beings are no exceptions. Of those who fail or fall, only some haverepparttar 138656 capacity to stand again; of those who stand, only a few haverepparttar 138657 capacity to walk; of those who are able to walk, only one or two are strong enough to run. Those who can run are extraordinary in every sense.

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