When Losing Weight Should You Weigh Every Day?

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

How to Breakrepparttar Weighing Habit

Face it, if you weigh yourself more than once a day, you are a serious scale addict, and if you letrepparttar 131350 number onrepparttar 131351 scale affect how you feel, you are probably a bit too involved with that appliance. Danger, danger! Step away fromrepparttar 131352 scale!

The scale simply cannot tellrepparttar 131353 difference between muscle and fat, and while fat is bulky and lumpy, muscle is sleek and shapely. Muscle also gives you strength, agility and power. Muscle can be used as fuel, but it is notrepparttar 131354 primary fuel source. Fat onrepparttar 131355 other hand is a storage fuel for times of famine. It also shields our body's organs and provides a protective layer fromrepparttar 131356 outside world. Without some body fat we cannot survive, and without some muscle you'd not haverepparttar 131357 strength to get out of bed. But while fat is necessary, many of us have a bit more saved up than is necessary. Most of us never consider our body's ratio of fat to muscle. We instead rely onrepparttar 131358 bathroom scale. We've been told we need to weigh a certain amount, or be within a certain range torepparttar 131359 point that many who start eating well and exercising consistently abandon their plan when they don't quickly see a difference onrepparttar 131360 scale. Even when their body is visibly changing, they still are disappointed ifrepparttar 131361 scale won't budge.

Consider for a moment, those first hints that something is changing: Your waistband may be getting looser, your rings may be slipping off, your face may start to look a little slimmer, and your shoes, yes your shoes will start to become too big for your feet. Many will start losing inrepparttar 131362 hands and feet first. That's just dandy, I know. We all strive for skinny fingers and toes, but I didn't designrepparttar 131363 body, I just own and operate one.

You may own and operate a car? Do you take care of itrepparttar 131364 same way you take care of yourself? Do you store gasoline inrepparttar 131365 trunk, in case you can't find a gas station? Probably not. Do you stockpile extra oil and batteries? No, probably not. Then why do you worry about dinner when you haven't finished eating lunch? Have you ever gone ahead and eaten something because you might get hungry later? Why do we worry so much about food when there is no scarcity that I've noticed? Where I live there is food at every corner, 24-hours a day, atrepparttar 131366 bank,repparttar 131367 gas station and evenrepparttar 131368 neighbor's garage sale.

Interestingly, I've found that whenrepparttar 131369 scale suddenly showed a loss, greater than expected, it seemed to induce in me a desire to remedy that situation. I'd overeat that day andrepparttar 131370 next, somehow unraveling any good I'd done previously. Even with allrepparttar 131371 knowledge and sense inrepparttar 131372 world, we still become unsensible inrepparttar 131373 face of that judge,repparttar 131374 bathroom scale!

I thinkrepparttar 131375 problem isn't that we are unhappy byrepparttar 131376 numbers so much as we expect certain numbers. If you are dieting, then you are wanting to see a lower number, but what happens when you do? Do you reward yourself for a job well done? Do you decide you've done so well, you might as well have a treat? The scale habit can adopting other ways to measure your progress, and starting a daily journal which gives you a way to chart what you are doing. You're not stopping one thing so much as you are starting another. Ending one habit always involves beginning another.

Get a small notebook or journal to write in. If you want a fancy, leather bound book, fine, but don't stall on starting this exercise withrepparttar 131377 excuse you don't haverepparttar 131378 supplies. Use a scrap of paper you found onrepparttar 131379 ground if you have to, but starting today, you are going to track your hunger levels all day long.

Lose Weight Today, and Keep it Off Permanently, with Cliff Kuhn, M.D.'s Fun Factor Diet

Written by Cliff Kuhn, M.D.

P.T. Barnum, who dedicated his life to entertainingrepparttar masses, often relied on size-related adjectives to sell his attractions. His posters and announcements were peppered with words like mammoth, extraordinary, colossal, and gargantuan.

Unfortunately, if you're like most of us those words might be used to describe you as well. Americans have an obsession with losing weight and with good reason;repparttar 131346 percentage of overweight people inrepparttar 131347 United States is doubling every ten years - from 1 in 200 in 1986, to 1 in 50 in 2000. Pretty soon there won't be enough room for us all on this continent!

We've identified a curious paradox: Americans are obsessed with weight loss and spend billions on it each year, yet 140 million of us are overweight or obese - and that number grows (pun intended) each year. With all that energy and money thrown at it, why can't we lose that excess weight and why do we pack it on inrepparttar 131348 first place?

Let's quickly move beyond simple, though true, solutions. We intellectually "know" that there are only three things necessary for maintaining our proper weight (outside of a medical condition): eatingrepparttar 131349 correct foods, eating less, and getting more exercise. We "know" these things are true, yet why don't we do them?

The answer is simple and, luckily for you, so isrepparttar 131350 solution. As you learnrepparttar 131351 following diet you will realize that with a little willingness and discipline you need never worry about your weight again. You will come to believe, in short order, that you will lose your extra weight and you will never gain it back because you will see how logical and powerful my diet is!

Let's just be honest about it - we love food! Eating is an enjoyable ritual and we commonly use food to reward ourselves because it feels good to eat. Whenever we feel unfulfilled or frustrated (when we need affirmation or esteem) we are naturally drawn to fill that void with food. When we're lacking pleasure in our lives we rely onrepparttar 131352 eating ritual to make uprepparttar 131353 difference.

And this formula works; overfilling ourselves with food does fill our emptiness. It works so well that, just like any addict, we become gluttons - regularly overstuffing ourselves and/or eating too much "comfort" food to fill our emotional void. The end result, despite our best intentions, is a constant, steady weight gain because we're using food for a purpose it is not intended - support.

The healthful solution I've created to fill your emptiness exists already inside you because you were born with it. Unlike food, this solution fills your void while also fostering lasting and sustainable health, vitality, energy, and fitness. Instead of food, what you need is more fun because fun isrepparttar 131354 most accessible and constant source of energy and support known.

Because it is an energy, fun is readily and abundantly in you and around you. Once you learn to find more fun in your relationships, your work, and your home life I guarantee you will quickly do away with those excess pounds - and they'll never return. Andrepparttar 131355 best news is...I will teach you exactly how to do this using my Fun Factor Diet.

My Fun Factor Diet is based upon my unique prescription, The Fun Factor, because The Fun Factor delivers you to new heights of health, wellness, and success. Years ago a terminally ill patient, Lisa, taught me aboutrepparttar 131356 incredibly powerful natural medicine of humor. I used Lisa's lessons to create my Fun Commandments, eventually molding them into my unique prescription, The Fun Factor, capable of producing health, energy, and vitality that others will envy.

My Fun Factor Diet works because it is based on my Fun Commandments and, thus, enables you to unleash your powerful humor nature on every aspect of your life. As you learn to have more fun in your relationships, your work, and your home life, you will rely less and less on food to meet your emotional needs. Withrepparttar 131357 Fun Factor Dietrepparttar 131358 urge to overeat melts away, along withrepparttar 131359 excess pounds because you will be using food for its natural purpose - sustenance.

And, as a bonus, since my Fun Factor Diet is based on fun, you will laugh more frequently. Laughter is an excellent form of aerobic exercise; a hearty, belly laugh producesrepparttar 131360 same physical response as thirty minutes onrepparttar 131361 Stairmaster. When you laugh it gives your heart and lungs a good work out so...you are burning additional calories just by practicing my unique diet!

The first strategy of my Fun Factor Diet is to Always Gorepparttar 131362 Extra Smile. Smiling is a deliberate and controllable behavior that almost always calms inner stress and attracts outward fun. Smiling unleashesrepparttar 131363 natural medicine of humor anytime and anywhere because it has a profound physical and emotional impact.

The key is to increase your conscious effort to smile constantly, especially when there is nothing in particular to smile about. Before you begin an activity, you remind yourself to smile first; before each conversation, you remind yourself to smile. You'll soon be wearing a genuine smile on your face everywhere you go becauserepparttar 131364 good results you experience will create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And here isrepparttar 131365 beautifully powerful secret behindrepparttar 131366 first Fun Factor Diet strategy: your internal physiology is fooled by your smile. Whether spontaneous or forced, your body thinks you're having fun when you smile, whether you are or not, because smiling activatesrepparttar 131367 pleasure centers of your brain. By smiling you literally become more physically relaxed and enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.

The amazing benefit of this Fun Factor Diet tactic is thatrepparttar 131368 lessening of your internal agitation decreases your cravings to eat when you're not really hungry. And, as a bonus, your smile attracts more social attention - leaving you less time to stuff yourself because people are mysteriously attracted to you without quite knowing why. By Goingrepparttar 131369 Extra Smile you're well on your way to filling your emotional void with fun rather than food!

Step two in my Fun Factor Diet is to Be Willing to Laugh at Yourself. This is not a step of humiliation or self-denigration because those things are definitely not fun; it is a strategy of being willing to take yourself lightly. Easing your harsh expectations you impose on yourself, relaxing some of your self-administered pressure, setsrepparttar 131370 stage for astounding personal gains (or in your case personal "losses")

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