When Is a Niche to small?

Written by Paul Forcey

Find a niche; pick a niche, niche markets will make you rich

It seemed that every e-book I read and every one I spoke to was telling me to find a niche market or I would never succeed.

What is a Niche?

a.A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature: found her niche in life. b.A special area of demand for a product or service: “One niche that is approaching mass-market proportions is held by regional magazines” (Brad Edmondson). A special area of demand sounds easy doesn’t it? Wellrepparttar real secret is finding a niche that isn’t already served by a million websites.

In amongst allrepparttar 139568 reading I was doing on niches I read a forum post from a knowledgeable guy, this man is an Internet marketer and from his previous posts he seemed to know what he was doing.

His post was basically saying that unlessrepparttar 139569 “niche” received 18,000 searches a month there wasn’t enough of a market for it, I took his word as gospel and discarded any ideas I had that received less than 10,000 searches a month (ok he said 18k but I thought that was extreme).

I was just about ready to give up on ever findingrepparttar 139570 “niche” that would make me a penny.

Then I was looking for some help using a piece of software and I bought an e-book. It was excellent, helpful and thorough, well worthrepparttar 139571 £9.99 I paid. I got talking torepparttar 139572 site owner and he told me that his niche received only 50-150 searches a month on overture.

No wonder it's so hard to make money on the Net.

Written by Frank Sousa

NO WONDER it's so hard to make money onrepparttar Net!

At a recent Internet Conference that my sons and I were teaching, I was reminded about one ofrepparttar 139524 most serious problems that we all face in Internet Marketing, and that is information overload.

What do I mean? Let's look at a typical day inrepparttar 139525 life of an Internet Marketer.

9am... you sit down to your computer, withrepparttar 139526 intent of writing a new website, because you just KNOW that this will berepparttar 139527 most profitable project you ever built. But before you get into that, you'd better check your emails.

You go through about fifty junk letters.... but look! Here's a message from some well known Internet Marketing Guru. I know he makes GOBS of money onrepparttar 139528 Internet every day, and he can teach merepparttar 139529 SECRET of marketing onrepparttar 139530 Internet.... and my gosh he's only going to charge me $49 forrepparttar 139531 privilege of knowing that secret. I can't pass that up, so I better order it right now. After allrepparttar 139532 price is going up tomorrow you know!

So I order that ebook, and start to read it, but thenrepparttar 139533 phone rings. It is just a telephone solicitor, but after I get her offrepparttar 139534 call, I sit down to my computer again. Let's see, what was I going to do? Umm.... not sure but I need to run a virus scan to make sure my computer is clean... and while it's doing that I'm going to get another cup of coffee.

10am... OK no viruses on my computer. That's great to know... now I can sit down and get started on that website right.... but I better check my emails first....

Oh look... here's a system that Mr X used to rake in $40,000 last night while he was sleeping. Boy wouldn't I like to have that... let's go to his website..

Hmm.... seems like it's another program that says write an ebook on Internet Marketing and sell it to people who would like to learn about Internet Marketing..... no.. I don't want to do that.

Back to work... But you know I DID see something Frank said once about using public domain reports. I wonder if I could use that. So off I go to see if I can find that report. OK, now I have that, and I think I'll pass for now.

11am... I better get back to work here. Oops, here comes another e-mail. What? This one saysrepparttar 139535 system I'm trying to use to build my business is dead, and now I need to buy their software or I'll go broke onrepparttar 139536 net? OK, I can't live without that software, I better get it right now.

12pm.... Lunch time, I'll get back to that website after lunch.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately it's all too familiar for ALL of us. There are so many different ways to generate income, traffic or whatever we want to do onrepparttar 139537 Internet, that we're constantly bombarded by offers. Many of them are good, and many of them could make money for us IF we sat down and really applied ourselves to THAT program and ONLY that program for a few months. Butrepparttar 139538 problem is that we get sidetracked so easily, that most of us never really takerepparttar 139539 time to focus onrepparttar 139540 ONE project that we need to get working BEFORE we start onrepparttar 139541 next.

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