When A Chickenhawk Squawks

Written by The Indy Voice

I admit it, I don't like Karl Rove and almost everything that comes out of his cynical little mouth. If he isrepparttar brains behindrepparttar 145624 Republican party operation they're headed off of a steep political cliff. With that being said, I do admire his chutzpah, unapologetically saying things as inane as he does,

"Conservatives sawrepparttar 145625 savagery of 9/11 inrepparttar 145626 attacks and prepared for war; liberals sawrepparttar 145627 savagery ofrepparttar 145628 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."

Let me first say that this liberal, if I was so inclined, could slap Rove so hard his therapy needing head would spin around his little pencil neck. I would never do such a thing, not because I realize that it wouldn't get me anywhere or make me feel any better butrepparttar 145629 crisis of our President being advised by a moron would not be radically improved. Onrepparttar 145630 contrary,repparttar 145631 slap would probably damage many ofrepparttar 145632 few precious brain cells that Karl needs to desperately hold on to.

But Karl's strategy of not apologizing for uttering statements that are not based in reality is a good one.

Let's look atrepparttar 145633 situation throughrepparttar 145634 lens of logic. Karl makes a statement that is so asinine that onlyrepparttar 145635 most loyal of right wing talking heads would consider it profound. It's so outrageously simple minded and contradictory to reality that it begs for "outrage" from liberals like myself. But I won't entertain such garbage and I beg of you my liberal brethren, do not fall for this distractionary tactic.

Joseph Brant and The Hegelian Dialectic

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

I admit I am only able to provide guesses as torepparttar nature of howrepparttar 145623 elites might convene or make known to each otherrepparttar 145624 nature of shared interests at different times. I have traveled in some circles where some of these people are present and I may have overheard a few things from others who work for them but it is pure guesswork inrepparttar 145625 final analysis. The Jacobin Scottish era shows us that Hume, Carlyle and Gibbon where checking with each other and following a plan to minimizerepparttar 145626 lesser nobles or keep them inrepparttar 145627 dark. Who did these people report to inrepparttar 145628 Stuart Royal camp? Bonnie Prince Charlie was opposed by his own general whenrepparttar 145629 French did not send troops as promised so we can wonder ifrepparttar 145630 people like William of Hesse andrepparttar 145631 De Medicis who appear together shortly after this were involved. Clearly Robespierre fomented a Revolution they needed in order to cleanse over-indulgences ofrepparttar 145632 Royals in France. I am pretty sure thatrepparttar 145633 Hegelian Dialectic borne ofrepparttar 145634 top-down Platonic ideology was a factor. They were playing many sides and some very high personages were left out ofrepparttar 145635 loop.

The Royal Society included a shadow government and Francis Bacon may have beenrepparttar 145636 actual offspring of Queen Elizabeth. At that time we saw a concentration ofrepparttar 145637 best minds underrepparttar 145638 auspices ofrepparttar 145639 Stuarts. The Stuarts arerepparttar 145640 Milesian BEES and so arerepparttar 145641 Benjaminites likerepparttar 145642 Rothschilds who gotrepparttar 145643 De Medicis monopoly and spy network. If you put it together it is worth speculating that a few people like Lord Mountbatten and Pierre Dupont de Nemours are in a position to make or influence decisions. To what degree they get manipulated by their own paladins and how farrepparttar 145644 conflicts in their own midst go isrepparttar 145645 big question mark.

The head people ofrepparttar 145646 Priory of Sion were often fromrepparttar 145647 alchemists inrepparttar 145648 Royal Society so we can speculate that an inner group of people there were of great importance. When Dan Brown (Author of The Da Vinci Code) hadrepparttar 145649 tie in to Roslyn andrepparttar 145650 Sinclair Stewarts there he was making a similar guess to what I am saying.

The use of myths likerepparttar 145651 Grail legend or other religious denominations they have allowedrepparttar 145652 Masons to start (Mormons, Scientology, Billy Graham and fundamentalism, Calvin, Luther and allrepparttar 145653 rest) are mirrored inrepparttar 145654 Hindu Tradition. They were always in touch with that part ofrepparttar 145655 world and China. The Tarim Basin was once a central area that their top people resided. The Basilidae of Hecateus’ family andrepparttar 145656 Basilians who derive therefrom as well asrepparttar 145657 Nestorians are evidence of this inrepparttar 145658 Greco-Roman to recent era. In America they hadrepparttar 145659 Toltecs and Mediwiwin who were not always willing to toerepparttar 145660 line just asrepparttar 145661 Ptolemies like Juba had been unwilling to go along withrepparttar 145662 major power grabs and Brutus was doing to Caesar. These things require a lot of reading and researching and I have donerepparttar 145663 bulk ofrepparttar 145664 work to make these things into a continuous and reasonable guess at true history.

Thus it often crosses my mind and I have to tell people who are into some ofrepparttar 145665 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ such as Jesuits, Rothschilds andrepparttar 145666 rest; that it has always beenrepparttar 145667 case forrepparttar 145668 last 5,000 years James Joyce dubbed a ‘nightmare’. It is not one group all on their own, and it is not new. They have tried to let people take part in their own education and government but often this back-fired. I can defend many ofrepparttar 145669 things they have done. The time for true change is upon us however.

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