Whatever You Fear Has Already Happened

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, The EQ Coach

That huge elephant, I thought to myself forrepparttar 100th time, tethered on that tiny stake. They can weigh up to 7 tons, and there was this huge elephant rocking back and forth, kept from moving more than a few feet by … an electric fence? 25 armed men? No, by a small chain on a tiny stick.

How can this happen? How has it forgotten what it’s capable of? This can happen to any mammal, including you and me, and here’s how.

We have three brains –repparttar 126218 reptilian,repparttar 126219 limbic andrepparttar 126220 neocortex. (See The EQ Foundation Course© - http://www.susandunn.cc/courses.htm ).

Reptiles have onlyrepparttar 126221 reptilian brain,repparttar 126222 primitive brain that keepsrepparttar 126223 heart beating, regulates instincts, pumps oxygen throughrepparttar 126224 lungs. They’re born miniature adults and already know all they’re going to learn. So there’s no need for parents to teach. Reptiles don’t bond with their young; in fact they’ll eat them if they don’t scurry away.

Butrepparttar 126225 little elephant calf is well cared for. This is whererepparttar 126226 limbic brain comes in,repparttar 126227 one we share with all mammals. It’s how we bond and where emotions come from.

The young calf is cared for by allrepparttar 126228 females inrepparttar 126229 herd. They gather ‘round to celebrate its birth, trumpeting, and spinning, with temporal secretions running down their temples. They feelrepparttar 126230 bond.

Meanwhile,repparttar 126231 mother must getrepparttar 126232 baby up on its feet to nurse, or it won’t survive. It already has to learn something. And in this process, too, allrepparttar 126233 young females are learning about mothering. The hormones andrepparttar 126234 limbic brain drive it all.

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing vs. Traditional Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis

Written by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, MSW, CCH, CRT

The word "psychology" isrepparttar combination of two terms - study (ology) and soul (psyche), or mind. The derivation ofrepparttar 126217 word from Latin gives it this clear and obvious meaning: The study ofrepparttar 126218 soul or mind. This meaning has been altered overrepparttar 126219 years until today, this is not whatrepparttar 126220 word means at all. The subject of psychology, as studied in colleges and universities, currently has very little relationship withrepparttar 126221 mind, and absolutely nothing to do withrepparttar 126222 soul or spirit. It is important to understand that words and ideas are supposed to refer to something. "The tree inrepparttar 126223 yard" refers to an actual thing that can be seen, touched and experienced. A person walking a dog at dawn" refers to an actual event that can be seen, observed and experienced. The realm of mind is an actual realm that can be experienced, and at one time there were words that accurately referred to this realm. Dictionaries define "Psyche" as: 1. The spirit or soul. 2. The human mind. 3. In psychoanalysis,repparttar 126224 mind functioning asrepparttar 126225 center of thought, emotion, and behavior. Dictionaries define "Soul" as: 1. The spiritual or immortal elements in a person. 2. A person's mental or moral or emotional nature. Traditional psychotherapy/ psychoanalysis fails to addressrepparttar 126226 all-important relationship to one's true spiritual nature. Traditional spiritual practice often bypasses -and thus fails to transform -repparttar 126227 psychological conditional patterns and unconscious beliefs that arise from our personal histories and adaptations. In modern psychotherapy we treat symptoms because symptoms can be quantified and identified, or so it is claimed by traditional modern medical and psychiatric practices. Thus Emotional Pain is described in terms of symptoms—Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Self-Esteem issues, Mood Swings, Compulsive Behavior, Chronic and Acute Fear, Self-Injury, Suicidal Thoughts, Shame, Guilt, Eating Disorders, or Addictions) does not heal itself. Time, marriages, children, success, wealth, buying a bigger house, or faster car, changing jobs or relocating will not CURE it. The damage is sometimes very deep, pervasive and profound. It is a soul injury. The person has been robbed of his or her integrity, core identity and trust. Emotional, Physical or Sexual trauma in childhood is 'violence' that does not require force. The child is thrown into a ‘state of shock.' For somerepparttar 126228 memories remain conscious, while others drive them beneathrepparttar 126229 conscious level. The coping mechanismsrepparttar 126230 child used are carried into adulthood and impactrepparttar 126231 person's life on every level—Emotional, Physical, Mental, Behavioral, Spiritual, Sexual and Relationships. While these coping mechanisms were appropriate then, they are a 'problem' in adulthood. Traditional mental health professionals ask: "What is wrong with you?" or "What happened to you?" Asking, "What is wrong with you?" or "What happened to you?" implies blame, sickness and fault. Asking, "What did you experience growing up?"—allowsrepparttar 126232 person to beginrepparttar 126233 process of discoveringrepparttar 126234 source of their pain and healingrepparttar 126235 wounds. Traditional psychotherapy/psychoanalysis neglectsrepparttar 126236 fact that we feel, sense, and experience global political mass consciousness, as well as our individual consciousness, like never before. A Mind, Body, Spirit approach addresses all three, therefore openingrepparttar 126237 door to true balance and healing. Well-being comes fromrepparttar 126238 understanding ofrepparttar 126239 Self,repparttar 126240 family,repparttar 126241 local community in which we live, andrepparttar 126242 global community of which we are part. We are each one heart ofrepparttar 126243 Whole; each heart here to express its unique piece ofrepparttar 126244 Whole. Knowing Self creates a sense of "I as a piece of this Whole," different and one atrepparttar 126245 same time. The process of understandingrepparttar 126246 Self,repparttar 126247 family,repparttar 126248 local community andrepparttar 126249 global community has its foundation rooted in metaphysics. Metaphysics isrepparttar 126250 science, which investigates first causes of all existence and knowledge. It seeks to explainrepparttar 126251 nature of being,repparttar 126252 origin and structure ofrepparttar 126253 world, in relationship betweenrepparttar 126254 ethereal andrepparttar 126255 physical. Metaphysics holds thatrepparttar 126256 soul or spirit andrepparttar 126257 physical body are one yet separate; hererepparttar 126258 applied psychology of religion comes to bear. The metaphysician's teachings help sootherepparttar 126259 emotional and physical problems of youth and maturity, illness and death. Herein, a transformational process occurs betweenrepparttar 126260 work ofrepparttar 126261 Facilitator and that ofrepparttar 126262 individual. Becauserepparttar 126263 metaphysician or doctor of metaphysics can serve as both a facilitator as well as a source of spiritual comfort, he or she espouses universal spirituality through holistic health. Metaphysical Healing a.k.a. Transpersonal Healing isrepparttar 126264 process of reconnectingrepparttar 126265 person with their inner being. Reconnecting can be achieved through meditation, introspection and over time accessing our inner self, however, few people haverepparttar 126266 discipline, inclination or know how to affect this process. Therefore, employingrepparttar 126267 help of a professional who practices Mind, Body Spirit Healing/Transpersonal Healing will quickly establishrepparttar 126268 foundation for empowerment, self-esteem, peace of mind and on-going spiritual and emotional growth. The facilitation ofrepparttar 126269 process is exceedingly easy. The person sits in a slightly reclined position with eyes closed whilerepparttar 126270 facilitator assistsrepparttar 126271 person to access their "Higher self." The "Higher self" refers torepparttar 126272 part of you that hasrepparttar 126273 highest possible perspective of who and what you are and why you decided to be here this lifetime. Your higher self loves you more than you can possibly love yourself consciously, and strives constantly to direct your personality self. The "personality self" is who we think we need to be in order to be safe here;repparttar 126274 opinions and instincts of our personality self have developed sincerepparttar 126275 moment we individualized inrepparttar 126276 womb, and perhaps before.

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