What you need to know about toll free calls part 2

Written by Douglas Bacca

Part 2 What you need to know about toll free calls

Saving money with a toll free number can apply to other situations. From reading part 1, “What you need to know about toll free calls” a toll free number saves money, and time.

Are you a truck driver, a business person traveling inrepparttar US, going on vacation, a person that lives alone and wants your children to call or an RV’er? Let’s look at each one:

Truck Driver – You’re onrepparttar 125522 road 10, 20, or more days a month, trying to make a living. Your children are growing up and your not there to help them with their problems. Your wife misses you and wishes you would call home, butrepparttar 125523 cost to call is prohibitive. What to do? Well you are in a truck stop,repparttar 125524 phone is there to call toll free to find out where your next load is. So why not set up a toll free number to your home? No pin numbers to keep track of, no collect calls to pay when you get home and at just 3.49 cents a minute you can call as many times and as long as you want without building up a large phone bill.

Business Person – You’re onrepparttar 125525 road either to meet with clients, sell your products, or to servicerepparttar 125526 products you or your company sold. Unless you are a millionaire collect calls, phone calling cards, prepaid calling cards and dial around just cost to much. With a toll free number that rings to your home phone, you can now call home anytime. NOTE: your hotel may charge you for a toll free call. Find out first, if so how much? If over 35 cents you can call from a payphone with a 35 cent connection fee.

What you need to know about toll free calls

Written by Douglas Bacca

part 1 What you need to know about toll free calls.

Everyone uses toll free numbers almost everyday. Look inrepparttar “Yellow Pages of your phone book, nearly all ofrepparttar 125521 businesses have a toll free number for you to call them.

Okay so what is a toll free number?

A toll free number is a number that rings to your home telephone number and you pay forrepparttar 125522 call and notrepparttar 125523 person that calls. I can hear you saying “Why would I want to pay for someone’s call to me?”

Good question and here’srepparttar 125524 answer.

Let’s say you have a son or daughter in collage. He or she has several options to call home. Direct calls, collect calls, calling card, prepaid calling cards, and toll free.

Direct Calls – Unless your son or daughter attends collage inrepparttar 125525 same city you live in,repparttar 125526 collage will not let them make direct dial calls.

Collect calls – Most collect calls cost you $4.95 just to makerepparttar 125527 call then 25 to 50 cents a minute. This can add up to about $15.00 onrepparttar 125528 average call. Make ten calls and you are looking at $150.00 added to your phone bill every month.

Calling Cards – Your phone company provides you with a calling card and they sure do want you to use it! Look onrepparttar 125529 back of their card, (in fine print) atrepparttar 125530 charges, most charge you 75 cents to makerepparttar 125531 call and 25 cents a minute. But that’s not all; if your son or daughter is using a payphone (which is what is most likely in their dorm) they also charge you a payphone fee of 75 cents to $1.50 to makerepparttar 125532 call. So you add uprepparttar 125533 charges 75 cents + 75 cents to $1.50 payphone fee + (let’s sayrepparttar 125534 call is 20 minutes long) 25 cents minute x 20 minutes = (usingrepparttar 125535 75 cent payphone fee) $6.50 per call. For 10 calls that adds $65.00 to your phone bill every month. Don’t forget that with your calling card in their hand they are free to call their friends too!

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