What you need to know about - native americans and gambling

Written by Mansi gupta

The term ‘Gambling’ is synonymous to ‘Gaming’. Gaming or Gambling is deeply rooted inrepparttar life of Native Americans. If we probe intorepparttar 145722 history of life of Native Americans and gambling, we find thatrepparttar 145723 kind of gambling that used to be there was strikingly different fromrepparttar 145724 gambling in today’s era. The literal meaning ofrepparttar 145725 term ‘gambling’ did not apply in those days. The games were less ofrepparttar 145726 play in which someone wins andrepparttar 145727 other loses but were more ofrepparttar 145728 auspicious ceremonies that were a part of every Native American’s life. The Native Americans used to play games in an amicable fashion to have a joyful pastime. They were not so much concerned in framingrepparttar 145729 winning strategies but their chief purpose was to enjoy. Besides amusement Native Americans had some superstitions attached to their games too. For instance they were ofrepparttar 145730 opinion thatrepparttar 145731 force or power that guides and determinesrepparttar 145732 result if their game isrepparttar 145733 force that regulatesrepparttar 145734 entire cosmos. This force is responsible forrepparttar 145735 events inrepparttar 145736 life of all living beings as well as forrepparttar 145737 course ofrepparttar 145738 Mother Nature. Thus it was sort of mandatory for them to play. It was also thought that not playingrepparttar 145739 games might offendrepparttar 145740 guiding force. But this simplicity ofrepparttar 145741 tradition was mutilated and reformed byrepparttar 145742 Europeans. The Europeans enclosed these austere games underrepparttar 145743 ambit of ‘gambling’ whererepparttar 145744 men who play are not participants in any ceremony but are ‘gamblers’. These gamblers put something at stake to get something more in return. Thus forrepparttar 145745 Europeans these games had just one meaning and interpretation- gamble i.e. to win or to lose. Time has changed and sorepparttar 145746 people,repparttar 145747 styles and reasons to play games,repparttar 145748 awareness of these games…all have taken a new dimension. The games that used to be modes of entertainment now have a special and significant contribution to their economy.

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