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Written by Mansi gupta

Germany has always one ofrepparttar centers of attractions onrepparttar 147305 globe. The place is as beautiful asrepparttar 147306 fantasy of an artist andrepparttar 147307 imagination of a poet. It has a rich history that’s speaks throughrepparttar 147308 archaic and bewitching architecture and monuments,repparttar 147309 culture andrepparttar 147310 convivial attitude ofrepparttar 147311 locals. There are royal castles, magnificent castles and handmade houses that take you torepparttar 147312 roads ofrepparttar 147313 country’s glorious past. The wonderful cities of Germany like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt etc. treat you with an ecstatic unity in diversity.

The best time to visit Germany is summer season. Whenrepparttar 147314 sun is shining above your head duringrepparttar 147315 months of April to September, Germany is an ideal place with mild weather and sunshine. Once you reach Germany, it is a pleasure and delight to explorerepparttar 147316 place via a train. These trains take you from town to town providing yourepparttar 147317 best of all amenities and an opportunity not just to explorerepparttar 147318 interior but alsorepparttar 147319 enthralling outskirts of each city.

A Little aboutrepparttar 147320 Cities- Berlin,repparttar 147321 capital city of Germany is a city full of life and passion that never lets your spirits down. Besidesrepparttar 147322 entertaining and unforgettable nightlife of Berlin there are other attractions too. The Brandenburg Gate andrepparttar 147323 remains ofrepparttar 147324 Berlin Wall in Berlin singrepparttar 147325 saga ofrepparttar 147326 time of Second World War when Hitler reigned over Germany, are remarkable things to watch. While you are in Berlin be sure to visitrepparttar 147327 Checkpoint Charlie Museum that throws more light onrepparttar 147328 history of Berlin Wall and has a collection ofrepparttar 147329 relics related to unbeaten escape attempts across its borders. Apart from this you should also visitrepparttar 147330 Germaldegaleire orrepparttar 147331 traditional Picture Gallery that has an exotic collection ofrepparttar 147332 13th to 18th century art.

There are several good hotels to make your stay comfortable in Berlin. The archaic Adlon Hotel is quite a renowned hotel in Berlin. You can ask either ask your travel agency to reserverepparttar 147333 lodging for you or searchrepparttar 147334 internet.

Weather and Latitude are not allies

Written by David Leonhardt

There is a popular assumption that if you move to higher latitudes (towardrepparttar poles) you can escaperepparttar 147304 heat, and that by moving to lower latitudes (towardrepparttar 147305 equator) you can escaperepparttar 147306 cold.

The equation is simple. But is it real? If it was, thenrepparttar 147307 most northerly capital, Reykjavík, would also berepparttar 147308 coldest...at least until they establish a country on Antarctica. Yes, it appears that latitude is slacking off and failing to keep temperatures in line.

This was brought home to me when preparing for a radio interview in Dublin, Ireland. February had just roiled in and I was sitting back comfortably in my good old Ottawa, Canada weather, scraping icicles off my toes. I was giddy with excitement over our warm spell, which it was reaching a high of minus-5 (that's about 20-degrees American). I always ask questionsrepparttar 147309 day before an interview, to learn a bit about my audience, so I askedrepparttar 147310 producer, "So what'srepparttar 147311 weather forecast in Dublin?" asked.

"Oh it's horrible," she told me. "People are bracing for a deep winter freeze that's supposed to hit tonight. It might even get as cold as minus-5!"

This blew me away, thatrepparttar 147312 folks in Dublin would be worried aboutrepparttar 147313 thermometer dips as low as ours spikes high. After all, isn't Dublin aboutrepparttar 147314 same latitude as Ottawa?

Weather forecast from an atlas

I whipped out my trusty atlas. We live almost exactly onrepparttar 147315 45th parallel. If we lived exactly on it, we would have to share our bed with a cow and a dozen chickens acrossrepparttar 147316 road – that's how close we are.

I turnedrepparttar 147317 pages to find Ireland. Could I have been mistaken? Is Dublin really quite south of us? No, it turns out that Dublin lies atrepparttar 147318 53rd parallel. Hey! They should be getting colder weather than us. That's not fair.

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