What you need to know about – Switzerland travel

Written by Mansi gupta

Since time memorial, Switzerland has proved itself as one ofrepparttar most cherished tourist destinations. Every part of this country seems to be caressed and lying inrepparttar 151211 lap of nature. The land of magical Alps Mountains, Lake Maggiore andrepparttar 151212 home of cities like Zurich and Bern need no introduction.

An Encounter withrepparttar 151213 Swiss Cities

Switzerland greets you with one ofrepparttar 151214 most beautiful cities on earth-Zurich. This metropoplis is a significant financial center inrepparttar 151215 world. Apart from its blessed location atrepparttar 151216 tip of Limmat River,repparttar 151217 city has some of breathtakingly wonderful attractions that include Gothic Fraumunster,repparttar 151218 Church of Our Lady,repparttar 151219 Fluntern Cemetery whererepparttar 151220 soul of famous Irish writer James Joyce rests in peace. You can take some ofrepparttar 151221 most expensive items home fromrepparttar 151222 Bahnhofstrasse Street meant forrepparttar 151223 rich. Accommodation is not a problem in this city for there are many a great hotels like The Widder Hotel, The Baur au Lac Hotel, Arabella Atlantis Sheraton Hotel andrepparttar 151224 like that providerepparttar 151225 best of all amenities.

Cuddled up onrepparttar 151226 shores of river Geneva isrepparttar 151227 historical city of Switzerland-Geneva. Amongst a multitude of pulls,repparttar 151228 city is known for possessingrepparttar 151229 world’s tallest fountain, a beautiful flower clock (Hologe Fleurie),repparttar 151230 archaic Cathedrale de St.Pierreandrepparttar 151231 renowned Musee de L’ Horlogere that enhances your knowledge aboutrepparttar 151232 worldwide recognized Swiss watches.

The great Luzren’s Lowendenkmal, also known as Lion Monument can be gazed inrepparttar 151233 city of Luzren. The city is endowed with beautiful surroundings that include villages and mountains. The Luzren city happens to be atrepparttar 151234 spot whererepparttar 151235 River Reuss flows out of Lake Luzren. The bees are related to honey and water to bridges. So there are some grand worthwhile bridges here. For instance The Chaff Bridge,repparttar 151236 Kapellbrucke or The Chapel Bridge that

Back To The Western World

Written by VMT Singuillo

Many of us have grown during those times when western movies featuringrepparttar cowboys

andrepparttar 151141 indians (now better called asrepparttar 151142 native Americans) have been a great hit.

Yet as you walk in any place ofrepparttar 151143 US, once in a while you would even see people

wear a glimpse ofrepparttar 151144 cowboys.

To our Native American brothers and sisters, we greatly salute you for your great

contributions torepparttar 151145 American society and culture. The Native American culture

will always be remembered.

With our great respects torepparttar 151146 cowboys andrepparttar 151147 Native Americans, many of us would

like to have souvenirs from them. Big cities inrepparttar 151148 US may have specialty stores

that sell western souvenirs at high prices.

Onrepparttar 151149 other hand, if people travel by land from coast to coast inrepparttar 151150 US, chances

are they could pass by western stores that sell western and native American

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