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Written by Mansi gupta

Welcome torepparttar home of 1888 World’s Fair and 1992 Olympics,repparttar 147768 capital of Catalan region-a culture branded for its unique amalgam of Spanish and French mode of cooking. Known for its affluent culture and heritage,repparttar 147769 city of Barcelona nestled onrepparttar 147770 shore of Mediterranean is of profoundly entrenched inrepparttar 147771 past.

The Spectacular Art and Architecture Holidaying at Barcelona will treat your eyes with some ofrepparttar 147772 worlds finest and out ofrepparttar 147773 ordinary archaic architecture that stands unrivaled and unsullied till date. It isrepparttar 147774 work ofrepparttar 147775 superlative Spaniard architect Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi’s exclusive masterpiece work can be sighted atrepparttar 147776 church of Sagrada Familia ,repparttar 147777 six storey apartment of Casa Batlo, Casa Mila also known as ‘The Quarry’-the multi family private residence that givesrepparttar 147778 impression of surging aroundrepparttar 147779 self same corner, Casa Vicens-the summer villa outside Barcelona that is a perfect blend of traditional and innovative designs and last but notrepparttar 147780 leastrepparttar 147781 Park Guell an urban setting project, a magnum opus of this genius.

To intensifyrepparttar 147782 magnificence of Barcelona, what waits ahead isrepparttar 147783 outstanding and exquisite work of Picasso. Picasso’s distinguished concerto is put on view atrepparttar 147784 Museu Picasso where wing ofrepparttar 147785 museum parades Picasso’s take on Valazquez’s famous ‘Las Meninas’. The MNAC i.e. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya displays an exotic collection ofrepparttar 147786 work during Gothic and Renaissance era along with numerous other stupendous things like coins, medals, sculpture and carvings etc. but this is not all. A plethora of 20th century art and sculpture by prominent Joan Miro, Botero, Basquiat and Motherwell can be treasured atrepparttar 147787 MACBA – Mueseu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona and Museu Fundacio Joan Miro museums.

Something more about Barcelona The months of June and July flicker withrepparttar 147788 celebration ofrepparttar 147789 Fest de Grec-Barcelona arts festival, October and November haverepparttar 147790 onus forrepparttar 147791 international film festival and May is swarming with allrepparttar 147792 grand prix aficionados. You may choose any of these seasons and even apart from these to marvel atrepparttar 147793 exquisiteness of Barcelona. The accommodations are conveniently available suiting to your pocket. There are some good hotels at Sur Diagonal, Eixample, Barri Gotic etc. and luxury villas t spoil your self onrepparttar 147794 countryside. Barcelona onrepparttar 147795 streets of Spain has not scaled heights demographically. The thin population of les than two million,repparttar 147796 city permits you to liberally roam around everywhere without much hurly burly.

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