What you need to know about– paris travel

Written by Mansi gupta

Life never sleeps inrepparttar capital city of France- Paris. The City of Lovers orrepparttar 149498 City of Lights,repparttar 149499 city of Paris is exceptional for it has not just one but a multitude of attractions that leave each and every visitor bizarre. The aura ofrepparttar 149500 city is such thatrepparttar 149501 visitors are left spell bound. The city is so rich in its exotic and prized possessions that it becomes difficult to explorerepparttar 149502 entire city within a few days.

The Multiple Assets From art to glamour, fromrepparttar 149503 mystifying Eiffel Tower torepparttar 149504 stunning Seine River,repparttar 149505 wondrous city of Paris has it all. When we talk aboutrepparttar 149506 city’s art and architecture, Paris has some ofrepparttar 149507 coveted monuments inrepparttar 149508 world. For instancerepparttar 149509 Napoleon’s eminent ‘Arch of Triumph’ (a piece of architecture that ascendsrepparttar 149510 streets);repparttar 149511 Square of Peace (known for its huge statues and fountains) andrepparttar 149512 wonderful pillar from Egypt calledrepparttar 149513 Obelisk of Luxor. The Eiffel Tower has its own tale. Counted amongst one ofrepparttar 149514 wonders ofrepparttar 149515 world,repparttar 149516 tower is 986 feet tall and weighs 700 tons.

The Unity in Diversity Paris is endowed with a plethora of small regions that contribute torepparttar 149517 pleasing diversity of this place. To name a few in this regard-

The Le Marais Region in Paris speaks ofrepparttar 149518 rich history and tradition ofrepparttar 149519 city. Marais,repparttar 149520 land whererepparttar 149521 King Henry II took his last breath, isrepparttar 149522 home for some ofrepparttar 149523 most archaic French buildings. The Musee Carnavalet museum has many archaeological discoveries along with breathtaking historical paintings, sculptures etc. Other eminent museums include-The Musee Cognaq Jay, The Musee de la Serrure Briccard, Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature (famous for stone age weapons) and last but notrepparttar 149524 least The Musee Picasso that hasrepparttar 149525 worlds largest number of Picasso paintings. The Jewish Quarter that nestled inrepparttar 149526 Marais region and that familiarizes you withrepparttar 149527 Jewish customs and traditions has always been an apple of every visitor’s eyes.

The La Quarter region of Paris is a paradigm of unity and diversity. This is because people from all castes and creed inhabitrepparttar 149528 place. There is roundrepparttar 149529 clock activity with plenty of markets, restaurants, gardens, parlors etc. in this ancient region that has streets ofrepparttar 149530 Roman era.

What you need to know about– new york city

Written by Mansi gupta

New York City is unknown to none. One ofrepparttar vibrant and significant metropolises onrepparttar 149497 globe,repparttar 149498 city of New York is considered to be one ofrepparttar 149499 most expensive cities inrepparttar 149500 world. The dream to vacation in New York seems to materialize only forrepparttar 149501 rich. However, this is not actuallyrepparttar 149502 case like. There are more than a thousand methods to explorerepparttar 149503 wonderful city while keeping an eye at your pocket.

The Outlandish Attractions

New York is deemed to be city that is awaken 24 hours a day. This is because ofrepparttar 149504 lively places like Chinatown- a famous site for films, Downtown, Central Park,repparttar 149505 East Side, Little Italy (swarming with Sicilian culture and known for its sausage that is shipped acrossrepparttar 149506 world), Greenwich Village(that speaksrepparttar 149507 language of Bohemian artists through their work of art) and West Side. The Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty (marked one amongstrepparttar 149508 wonders ofrepparttar 149509 world) andrepparttar 149510 Rockefeller Center summon people from every corner ofrepparttar 149511 world.

Visitingrepparttar 149512 New York museums will be lifetime experience. Some ofrepparttar 149513 eminent museums, their saga being sung byrepparttar 149514 whole world are nestled in New York. These are –repparttar 149515 African-American Wax Museum,repparttar 149516 Hudson River Museum,repparttar 149517 Alternative Museum famous for striking art,repparttar 149518 China Institute that paradesrepparttar 149519 Chinese culture,repparttar 149520 Hispanic Society of America,repparttar 149521 National Lighthouse Museum, Saint Paul’s Church National Historic Site that is assumed to berepparttar 149522 oldest church in New York and last but notrepparttar 149523 leastrepparttar 149524 Skyscraper Museum.

The Kids’ Amusement Children can have a gala time inrepparttar 149525 New York City forrepparttar 149526 Central Park Zoo that is located inrepparttar 149527 middle ofrepparttar 149528 Fifth Avenue and 64th Street is open throughoutrepparttar 149529 year. The zoo has some ofrepparttar 149530 exclusive species of plants and animals. To educaterepparttar 149531 children and adults about wildlife,repparttar 149532 zoo organizes a program atrepparttar 149533 Wildlife Theater. The best part ofrepparttar 149534 zoo visit isrepparttar 149535 negligible amount for tickets like just $1 ticket for kids between 3 to 12 years of age. But this is not enough forrepparttar 149536 young ones. They can enjoy ice skating atrepparttar 149537 Rockfeller Center and Central Park at very cheap prices. The Wollman rink too has a good name in this regard.

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