What would happen to you if you were out of work for five weeks like me?

Written by Chris Robinson

Three years ago someone loaned me a book from a series called Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have to admit my eyes were opened. I was in graduate school and I thought that an academic education wasrepparttar key to financial success. I was wrong. Today, I have three college degrees and I still struggle to make ends meet. In 2002, I was hopelessly stuck in what Rich Dad calls "the rat race" and I didn't even know it. I now realize that good grades and hard work DO NOT guarantee finanical success. In fact, in 2002 I began to understand that I was financially illiterate! I am still inrepparttar 146616 rat race today and have over twenty thousand dollars in student loan debt. But thanks to Rich Dad, I have started a different education that includes paper investing, real estate, and business building.

I knew that it wouldn't be easy - learning about starting a real business, real estate,repparttar 146617 stock market, and increasing my financial IQ. I began my financial journey in 2002 - learning a ton alongrepparttar 146618 way but having little to show for it financially. I was still a student and worked part-time so I didn't have alot of "financial study time." I also didn't have much money. Most books I've read in-store because I didn't have enough money to buy them! Then it happened...

One Monday night in 2004, my skin began to tingle from my chest to my toes. Like a typical man, I thought it would go away. It just got worse...when I went torepparttar 146619 doctor a few days later they admitted merepparttar 146620 same day. It was a spinal tumor! It looked bad, at one point I was told that there was a 99% chance of cancer. Emergency surgery wasrepparttar 146621 only option. Thankfully,repparttar 146622 tumor was benign andrepparttar 146623 surgery was a success! However, I was out of work for five weeks!

I didn't go to work so I didn't get paid! What would happen to you if you were out of work for five weeks?

What is Ecurrency Exchanging?

Written by Tim Dilley

Electronic currencies such as netpay, paypal, egold, etc. can be exchanged between one another just likerepparttar dollar, yen, euro, etc. can be exchanged between one another. An age-old problem with any kind of exchange (how can you assure that you get your goods after you've handed overrepparttar 146561 money?) has now been solved. Currently, there is a demand for merchants that can exchange or supportrepparttar 146562 exchanging of ecurrency. A fee is charged forrepparttar 146563 exchange and that fee could be yours to pocket! This is not a

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