What type of Gazebo is right for you? Top Questions you need to ask

Written by Dion Semeniuk


Having a gazebo inrepparttar backyard is an excellent way to enhancerepparttar 150063 appearance while providing you with a quiet place to sit and relax after a hard day at work. Gazebos are wonderful for barbecue parties, family gatherings, or simply sipping on a cup of coffee or glass of lemonade on a lazy day. To create a romantic setting, you could string miniature lights alongrepparttar 150064 railing and roof ofrepparttar 150065 gazebo and then spend time with someone special out underrepparttar 150066 stars. Because of their popularity,repparttar 150067 number of gazebo sales is rising. However, as with any investment, you want to make sure you chooserepparttar 150068 right type. For that reason, considerrepparttar 150069 top five questions you should ask.

Can gazebos withstand strong winds?

If you live in a part ofrepparttar 150070 country prone to high winds (Chicago), then this is a very important question to ask. Ifrepparttar 150071 gazebo is constructed properly, it will hold up even in windy conditions. The reason is thatrepparttar 150072 gazebo canopy is designed with a wind vent that releases strong wind pressure. In addition, your gazebo would be anchored securely atrepparttar 150073 vertical points sorepparttar 150074 base, whether wood, stone, or concrete, is solid. Finally, gazeboes are heavy. For example, an 11-foot model will typically weigh between 325 and 350 pounds.

Will my gazebo have a bug screen?

When shopping around for a gazebo, remember that not all includerepparttar 150075 price of screens to keep out little creatures. Therefore, if you want a screen, you need to consider two things, first,repparttar 150076 additional cost and second,repparttar 150077 weight. In other words, make sure your type of gazebo is designed to handlerepparttar 150078 screen if you decide to add one on at a later date.

How isrepparttar 150079 foundation floor secured?

This is also an important question to ask since not all gazeboes are created equal. Most gazebos are erected on a foundation such as wood deck, concrete slab, or paver patio. Whatever surface you choose,repparttar 150080 gazebo will need to be anchored. Forrepparttar 150081 wood gazebo, screws can be run throughrepparttar 150082 bottom plate ofrepparttar 150083 wall section and then intorepparttar 150084 deck. For concrete, you would drill throughrepparttar 150085 bottom plate and then intorepparttar 150086 concrete, using concrete anchors. Then forrepparttar 150087 paver bricks, you want to use a concrete pier that is raised torepparttar 150088 height ofrepparttar 150089 paver brick for each ofrepparttar 150090 corners.

Air Sanders: Forget electric, go air!

Written by Jason Miller

An air sander is a common air tool often overlooked by most people. If you already have an air compressor to run your impact wrench, you may consider purchasing an air sander instead of an electric model. Your average offrepparttar shelf electric sander is fine for little home projects. But if you are really concerned about production and speed, an air sander will blow it away. These tools are also more rugged, versatile and lighter. The main reason isrepparttar 149653 power source is your air compressor, notrepparttar 149654 little electric motor inrepparttar 149655 sander. This also makes them easier to fit into weird places and hold over your head to reach a ceiling. Atrepparttar 149656 end ofrepparttar 149657 day,

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