What to look for in a farmers market

Written by Shauna Hanus

It is time for farmers markets. They are popping up all aroundrepparttar country. They can range from a true farmers market with farm fresh produce locally grown and sold byrepparttar 143076 farmer to more of an arts and crafts show. When shopping at a farmers marketrepparttar 143077 consumer needs to be wary of anyone selling fruit or vegetables that are not locally grown or are out of season. It is becoming common practice for some marketers to purchaserepparttar 143078 same produce that is available atrepparttar 143079 grocery and sell it inrepparttar 143080 farmers market venue.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in a farmers market.

•Fresh local fruit and vegetables, no commercially grown produce.

•Good prices,repparttar 143081 price should be comparable torepparttar 143082 grocery store. You may find that in some areasrepparttar 143083 farmers market is a bit higher but this can be well worth it ifrepparttar 143084 produce is local and fresh.

•Look for moist fresh looking produce. Ifrepparttar 143085 corn was picked yesterday it will begin to dry out atrepparttar 143086 bottom. Look for signs thatrepparttar 143087 fruit and vegetables have been harvested withinrepparttar 143088 last day. Do not be afraid to ask whenrepparttar 143089 produce was picked. If it isrepparttar 143090 farmer you are talking to they are likely to take pride in their selection.

How to Carve a Turkey

Written by Michael Lansing

To someone who is just learning to cook, this topic may seem like one ofrepparttar hardest meals you will ever have to prepare. Needless to say, if you’re having a turkey there’s usually company involved which means a number of hungry people are relying on you to prepare a great meal. This can be very intimidating. Luckily we have allrepparttar 143075 information you need, in order to ensure a great meal for you, your friends and your family.

In order to successfully carve a turkey, you will need to haverepparttar 143076 following pieces of equipment:

•One warm serving platter •A pair of kitchen scissors •An electric knife or a large slicing knife (you may want to choose a manual knife since they provide more control than electric ones) •A small carving knife or fork for arranging and servingrepparttar 143077 meat

Now that you haverepparttar 143078 equipment you need to carverepparttar 143079 turkey, follow these steps in order to become a turkey carving expert:

1.Leaverepparttar 143080 turkey to sit 20-30 minutes after roasting and before carving. This will makerepparttar 143081 meat moister and easier to cut. 2.Afterrepparttar 143082 turkey has sat forrepparttar 143083 time indicated above, transferrepparttar 143084 turkey onto a cutting board; this is where you will begin carvingrepparttar 143085 turkey. 3.Removerepparttar 143086 Leg: To do this, holdrepparttar 143087 drumstick firmly with your fingers and gently pullrepparttar 143088 meat away fromrepparttar 143089 body ofrepparttar 143090 turkey. While doing this, cut throughrepparttar 143091 skin betweenrepparttar 143092 leg andrepparttar 143093 body. Next, cut throughrepparttar 143094 joint joiningrepparttar 143095 leg torepparttar 143096 backbone. Then separaterepparttar 143097 drumstick and thigh by cutting downwards throughrepparttar 143098 joint, untilrepparttar 143099 knife hitsrepparttar 143100 cutting board. 4.Slicingrepparttar 143101 Drumstick (Leg) Meat: Once you have detachedrepparttar 143102 leg fromrepparttar 143103 rest ofrepparttar 143104 body, you will want to slicerepparttar 143105 meat. Holdrepparttar 143106 drumstick in an upright position and turnrepparttar 143107 drumstick in a circular motion while cutting downwards. This will produce tasty slices of meat which are approximately equal size.

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