What to do when your prospect just won't get back to you!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Does this look familiar?

Your prospect contacts you and asks for information about Wonder Widget. You emailrepparttar information along with complete order details. Response? Not a word.

Next day, undaunted, you hitrepparttar 127378 resend key so that your prospect receivesrepparttar 127379 information again. Response? Still nothing.

Next day, ditto. Response? Zip.

What's going on here?

Welcome, folks, torepparttar 127380 way marketing works inrepparttar 127381 early days ofrepparttar 127382 much storied New Millennium. People are underfunded and over saturated with marketing; they're slow to respond even to things they like and have asked for more information about.

Thus, you've got to be more determined, more tenacious, and focused on your objective -- MAKING THE SALE JUST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The Worldprofit Sales Manager is an absolutely vital tool for helping you achieverepparttar 127383 objective.

The Sales Manager enables you to send out in any given 90 day period up to 25 personalized messages automatically.

Thus,repparttar 127384 minute a prospect says, "Says me information on Wonder Widget," in addition to a personal note withrepparttar 127385 necessary details and order form (or directions to your website), you can also subscriberepparttar 127386 prospect to your Sales Manager, where he'll receive, day after day, just as many messages as you've added torepparttar 127387 system.

Okay, now say that you've sent your non-responding prospect one, two or three personal messages ofrepparttar 127388 kind which opened this article and that you've had no response whatsoever. What then? For these all-too-frequent cases, create one zinger of a message that goes like this:

I'm puzzled.

You asked me for information about Wonder Widget. I've been sending you this information over and over again and have tried repeatedly to connect with you. But I haven't heard a word back from you. Maybe you're out of town! Maybe funds are low right now!


Telephone Selling Tips

Written by Kevin Nunley

The telephone is still one ofrepparttar top ways to sell. You can pick up a phone, reach just about anyone inrepparttar 127377 world, and get a very sincere conversation going.

This ability to userepparttar 127378 phone to go anywhere and achieve a special rapport with customers makesrepparttar 127379 telephone an indispensable selling tool.

Jot down what points you want to cover in your conversation before you call. This will help you stay on track.

Asks questions. Remember, it'srepparttar 127380 person who asksrepparttar 127381 questions who controlsrepparttar 127382 direction ofrepparttar 127383 conversation.

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