What to Look For in a Drill Press

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

A drill press, also known as a pillar drill, isrepparttar stationary form of a hand-held drill. The advantage ofrepparttar 150991 drill-press overrepparttar 150992 hand drill isrepparttar 150993 tool's accuracy and power. A drill press is a very valuable tool with several different types and models of drill presses to choose from. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your own drill press.

Floor vs. Bench-Top Model

A floor model is set directly onrepparttar 150994 floor whilerepparttar 150995 bench-top model of a drill press is set on a table top. The floor models are typically better buys with more accessories and attachments and are able to handle larger projects thanrepparttar 150996 bench-top models. The floor model is always a good pick unless you are looking for something that is a bit more compact to save space for a smaller shop.

Multiple Spindle Speeds

If you plan on using your drill press for woodwork and metalwork, it is important that your drill press has several speeds to suitrepparttar 150997 project you are doing. When working with metal you will want to use lower speeds while wood projects need to be inrepparttar 150998 medium to high range of speeds. For maximum versatility, look for a drill press that can operate between 500-4,000 RPM (a machine that only reaches to 2,000 is suitable if you will only be using it for drilling and not for other projects).


Just like with a car, you want a power tool that has some power. Greater horsepower allows you to drill larger holes through tougher material. You should look for a machine that has at least 3/4 HP.

Drill Press Table

Good drill presses have tables that can be raised, lowered, and swiveled 360 degrees aroundrepparttar 150999 column ofrepparttar 151000 drill press. This allows greater flexibility with your work.


The depth-stop managesrepparttar 151001 depth ofrepparttar 151002 hole being drilled by controlling how farrepparttar 151003 quill descends intorepparttar 151004 material. Depth-Stops are a must for projects with repetitive boring in order to keep consistency. Look for a drill press withrepparttar 151005 "Easy-to-Stop" drill feature.

Lamp Shades Decorate a Room

Written by Dean Novosat

When redecorating a room, don’t forget about your lighting. While it may seem that you will have to purchase all new lamps for your new décor, sometimes all you need is a new lampshade. Replacing a lampshade is a lot cheaper than purchasing a whole new lamp.

I find it is easier to wait until your major room components are in place before selecting new lampshades. Letrepparttar theme of your new room eveolve, then select lamp shades that either compliment or contrast with your theme. For example, a wild safari room with a zebra rug onrepparttar 150824 floor, might be well-served by a simple solid-color lamp shade to help offsetrepparttar 150825 boldness ofrepparttar 150826 rug. However, in a less wild décor, such as a simple, clean, contemporary design, a bold lampshade would add visual interest torepparttar 150827 room. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Lampshades come in a variety of different shapes, textures, and materials. These are your grandmother’s lampshades! Materials can range from paper, to fabric, to natural materials like tree leaves, to fur, to plastic. And designs can range from sold colors, to patterns, to abstract designs.

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