What to Know When Buying a GPS

Written by Chuck Fitzgerald

Why are GPS units showing up everywhere? You might find one in your rental car, on your wristwatch or even built into your wireless phone. Anti-theft systems use one, heavy construction equipment might use one and having one on your boat now seems to be a requirement. Anytime we want to know our exact location onrepparttar face ofrepparttar 139030 Earth,repparttar 139031 GPS becomes indispensable. Like many other technologies, feature rich GPS units are now affordable forrepparttar 139032 average person. So how do you know which one to purchase? Letís look at few things to consider prior to buying your next GPS unit, but first, what is a GPS unit?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) unit hasrepparttar 139033 primary function of calculating its own location on land or water by using satellite signals. Oncerepparttar 139034 GPS unit knows its own location, it can helprepparttar 139035 user determine direction and distance to other known locations. For instance, a GPS on a boat can tellrepparttar 139036 captain how far it is torepparttar 139037 shoreline or how far it is to a favorite fishing spot. Forrepparttar 139038 outdoor sportsman a GPS can help with finding your campsite, your vehicle or your next geocache. Popular outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, trail running, backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering and canoeing are all made more enjoyable and safer when you take along your GPS.

When buying a GPS systemrepparttar 139039 first thing to consider is how you intend to use it. If you plan on using it while on foot, youíll want a GPS that is lightweight, compact, weather resistant and that is equipped with features important to foot travel. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) is one such feature. WAAS greatly increasesrepparttar 139040 accuracy of your GPS, in most cases to within 10 feet. Accuracy within a few meters is important forrepparttar 139041 outdoor enthusiast but not nearly as important for navigating through town in your rental car. Next, be sure your GPS has at least 12 channels of reception too. Since your GPS will only work when it receives signals from satellites orbitingrepparttar 139042 Earth, less than 12 receiving channels will not getrepparttar 139043 job done in wooded areas or in steep terrain. If you plan on using your GPS to navigate while driving in your car, its weight is not nearly as important as its ability to display street maps. The GPS mounted torepparttar 139044 dash of your truck probably doesnít need to be weatherproof, butrepparttar 139045 one on your boat better be.

Every River Tells a Story

Written by Mike Clifford

Every River Tells a Story By: Mike Clifford HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com

The next time you begin a journey or fishing expedition on one of your favorite rivers or streams, takerepparttar time to look atrepparttar 138896 surroundings (I mean REALLY look), and listen closely, as each one has it's own unique story to tell. As we begin our journey, we may see a typical farmer out inrepparttar 138897 field plying his trade, doing his best to put food on your table and eke out an existence that was handed down to him over generations. Coming aroundrepparttar 138898 bend, we noticerepparttar 138899 billowing white smoke of a local power plant churning out electricity to make your life comfortable and secure. As we turn our head to look at something perhaps more aesthetically pleasing onrepparttar 138900 opposite bank, we notice that elusive red fox we've been hoping to see forrepparttar 138901 longest time on this particular waterway. Watchingrepparttar 138902 vixen run back and forth delivering food torepparttar 138903 underground shelter of her cubs tells you that they are around 2 weeks old, and you can't help but think to yourself that wildlife go aboutrepparttar 138904 business of living not much unlike that of each and every one of us on Earth. Every living thing needs to eatrepparttar 138905 food and drinkrepparttar 138906 water that this planet provides in order to survive.

Perhapsrepparttar 138907 hardest facts to consider are those of how we, as humans, go about existing in this environment. The river provides drinking water torepparttar 138908 local residents, who in turn pay for this service by going to work atrepparttar 138909 plant that treatsrepparttar 138910 water to make it palatable and healthy enough to drink inrepparttar 138911 first place. Likerepparttar 138912 fox and her cubs upstream, we too are characters in one long story of life alongrepparttar 138913 river. Let's take a closer look at a few ofrepparttar 138914 characters involved as our journey continues:

Withrepparttar 138915 sight ofrepparttar 138916 power plant just a blur onrepparttar 138917 horizon, we come upon a neighbor of ours. This man (or his predecessor) had long ago cut down his woods opposite mine, and is on his riding mower cutting his grass to within an inch of its life. This lawn exudes a bright green color that can only come from a bucket of chemicals designed for such. His mission for himself onrepparttar 138918 land, from our perspective, might be expressed as 'clear, drain, mow, spray, control. For himrepparttar 138919 story of a property owner features an actor at war with his surroundings, which can be beaten and shaped and maintained by constant vigilance. A piece of property such as his can only be described as a great place to practice with a pitching wedge before holing out a 25 footer onrepparttar 138920 putting green, allrepparttar 138921 while considering this to be a piece of recreational paradise on earth. The neighbor fully believes in his heart that he hasrepparttar 138922 best that nature provides, and uses it to his full advantage.

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