What to Do if You are Over 40 and Have Lost Your Job

Written by Roger Clark

Unexpectedly loosing your job can be a very traumatic and distressing experience atrepparttar best of times. If you are over 40 and can't findrepparttar 141820 job you deserve, you will need great inner strength and self belief to come out on top.

Could this be you?

Youíre working at your familyís welding business duringrepparttar 141821 day, and then go to your second job at night. Youíre 50-some years old, working as a cashier at Target. You always said that if youíre 40 years old and have a career that requires you to wear a name tag, then to just shoot you!

Not that thereís anything wrong with working at Target or wearing a name tag or workingrepparttar 141822 family business. Those are all honest jobs. Itís just that after 20 years with your previous company, and with your education and expertise, you hadnít exactly planned on ramping up to your golden years asking customers if theyíd like to save ten percent on their purchase by opening a store credit card.

You heard rumblings aboutrepparttar 141823 company folding. But as far as you knew,repparttar 141824 numbers were good. At least they were good. unemployed, unemployment, downsizing, out of work, job seeker, redundant, fired, sacked

Then competition took over andrepparttar 141825 owners decided it was a good time to bow out gracefully. You were hoping you werenít going to be one ofrepparttar 141826 countless main wage earners to get let go. But sadly, you were. Unemployment ran out. You sent out literally hundreds of resumes and still nothing. Your spirits are down, youíre frustrated (thatís an understatement) and you even had to humble yourself to get some help from a local food pantry.

Youíve done allrepparttar 141827 online courses; you have tirelessly poundedrepparttar 141828 pavement and scouredrepparttar 141829 classified ads. Youíve even hit up allrepparttar 141830 online sources to jobs such as www.monster.com www.usajobs.com hotjobs.yahoo.com and about 800 other job boards that you regularly surf. If one more person tells you that a door closes and a window opens or that good things come to those who wait, you think youíre going to puke.

How to Write Cover Letters That Increase Your Chances of Winning an Interview

Written by Roger Clark

Submit a poorly written cover letter andrepparttar chances are your resume will end up inrepparttar 141819 trash bin without even being looked at.

Onrepparttar 141820 other hand, a well written cover letter can almost guarantee you get an interview.

Interview Winning Cover Letters

Ok, you may not win any awards forrepparttar 141821 cover letter that you enclose to your resume, but you may increase your odds it actually getting read, if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Keep it brief. Your resume isrepparttar 141822 document that conveys your qualifications, therefore your cover letter need not go on and on about how wonderful you are.

2. Remember it serves a purpose. It is announcing you Ė and your enclosed information, your resume.

3. Tell them what youíre doing: Iím applying forrepparttar 141823 position ofÖ Enclosed is my resume forrepparttar 141824 position of Ö

4. Clearly state what position youíre applying for. Donít assumerepparttar 141825 Human Resources person will automatically know what job you want or that they only have one opening.

5. Highlight a few of your strong suits. Although brevity isrepparttar 141826 key here, you donít want to merely say, ďHereís my resume. Bub Bye.Ē

6. Donít be redundant with contact information. All that pertinent information should be on your resume.

7. Donít staple your cover letter to your resume. Often photocopies need to be made and it just frustratesrepparttar 141827 person makingrepparttar 141828 copies to have to remove your staples. Use a paperclip if you feelrepparttar 141829 need to attach it; else just send it on top of your resume.

8. Typos. Thatís an obvious one. Itís hard to proof your own work. Find one other person to give both your cover letter and resume a glance over. Youíre dead inrepparttar 141830 water if your cover letter has misspellings, poor grammar or typos.

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