What stands behind the software description?

Written by Daria Winkler

With thousands of web pages added torepparttar Net every day, it's getting more and more frustrating both to submitrepparttar 107767 information torepparttar 107768 attention of those, who are interested in it and to findrepparttar 107769 information one needs.

The problem is even aggravated withrepparttar 107770 fact that customers become more exigent torepparttar 107771 products they are offered. When it comes torepparttar 107772 issue of software development and B2B solutions, they can't be considered ignorant any more. Customers are backed up byrepparttar 107773 basic knowledge of programming tools and their "should-have" functionality.

The recent online surveys show that customers are not attracted by price or discounts. Below you can seerepparttar 107774 enumeration ofrepparttar 107775 factors influencing customers' decision on web application purchasing by their measure of significance:

1. Technical performance 2. Brand 3. Reliable customer support 4. Price

Let's go deeper intorepparttar 107776 nature of every factor.

Technical performance factor. Today it is not enough to say, that your PHP+MySQL solution has "a complete list of features" or "can be integrated into any web site". People, who are interested inrepparttar 107777 given products, are aware ofrepparttar 107778 fact thatrepparttar 107779 difficulty of implementingrepparttar 107780 principles of data integrity in MySQL and PHP depends in large degree on how many tables and relationshipsrepparttar 107781 database has. Most of scripts offered onrepparttar 107782 Web for online dealership constructing do haverepparttar 107783 problem of server slowing down by traffic or large database of listings or users:

"I came to Esvon with a sluggish, text based dating site that was slowly running intorepparttar 107784 ground. Esvon has taken my site and has developed a fast, robust, and exciting medium for my customers. Fromrepparttar 107785 lightning speed of front end programming in PHP torepparttar 107786 powerful backend database in MySQL,repparttar 107787 site is now one ofrepparttar 107788 most advanced dating sites available."

Can You Restore Your Data From Your Backup?

Written by Per Strandberg

Can You Restore Your Data From Your Backup? -By Per Strandberg (c) 2003 data-backup-and-storage.com

Making backup is vital!

For small business peoplerepparttar value of their business is often stored on their computers.

Emails, contracts, PowerPoint presentations, business contacts, text documents and client databases are all vital information.

Accidents do happen and data can be lost! Are you sure you can restore your data back to what it was? Can you be back in business without losing to much time?

To be onrepparttar 107766 safe side you should adopt a working backup strategy! Let's look at what can happen!

There are three different cases to consider.

1. Specific files or folders have been corrupted or deleted by accident.

2. The data on your hard disk have been lost. This can be caused by a virus or by hard disk failure.

3. Your computer have been lost. This can be caused by a natural disaster, a fire or by theft.

Your preparation and action should to be different in each different case.

It will also depend on how valuablerepparttar 107767 data are for you and how much you are willing to spend on protection.

Here are your action plans for each case.

1. These are files which you are working with on a daily basis. It is vital data to your business and you should make backup of these files on a regular basis.

You should therefore identify them in advance. It can be files in folders like MyDocument, your emails or database files where you store your business information.

To do this you need to find a backup product from which you can easily make backup of these vital files on a regular basis.

Storerepparttar 107768 backup you make in a safe place.

For extra security you can backup files online to a web server or you can hire space from companies that offer online backup services. If you use this option you should encrypt your data.

2. When you have a hard disk data loss you have to format repparttar 107769 disk, maybe withrepparttar 107770 help from a person with experience.

The work involved reconfiguringrepparttar 107771 computer by installing Windows can be extensive.

First after that Windows andrepparttar 107772 backup program have been installed are you able to restorerepparttar 107773 data from your backup.

To avoid this extra work you may consider making a full backup of your hard disk image. From an image backup you are able to restore directly your complete data back to your hard disk and avoid extra installation work.

3. You have lost your computer. But, because you already have backup of your vital data which you are working with on a daily basis, you are able to restore your business to any configuration on a new computer.

You just have to have your application products and your working data restored to be back in business.

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