What is your color?

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Our association and upbringing isrepparttar one factor affecting our experience with colors. From early on in life, we were exposed to colors, making it known that colors are something beautiful. That without it, things are dull or dead-looking. Color still. We can relate things, events and even persons to colors.

As everyone may know, yellow, orange and red are often associated with heat, thusrepparttar 149404 sun and fire. It seem inappropriate representing heat in different colors other than that. Somehow it lacks something we cannot point our fingers on. These same colors are considered high stimulating colors. Red has been known to arouserepparttar 149405 senses and increaserepparttar 149406 blood pressure. This is seen as an example in a casino. According to studies, people tend to gamble more and raise their bets when seated under a red light.

Blue, green and violet, onrepparttar 149407 other hand, signify coolness,repparttar 149408 color ofrepparttar 149409 leaves, ocean and sky. Although most artists add their own touches by blending in other colors, these former wererepparttar 149410 original and most distinguishable ones. These arerepparttar 149411 opposites of red, yellow and orange; they arerepparttar 149412 low arousal colors. These colors are often associated with peace and tranquility and appears exciting torepparttar 149413 eyes.

Business cards with a twist

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Ever felt how wonderful it is to have your name in print forrepparttar first time? This is not just any ordinary printing with you name and details in them. They are your own business cards. Any other of these cards would contain names, addresses and contact numbers. That would berepparttar 149364 typical business card.

These days, business cards are made into marketing tools to promoterepparttar 149365 owner’s business and a source of advertisement that serves as reminders for people reading them. As small as these cards may see, they have been a necessity for information getting since then. These have becomerepparttar 149366 perfect equipment for entrepreneurs to be able to get clients and stay of their competitors.

As a marketing tool, these small prints need allrepparttar 149367 marketing strategy they can get to maintain effectiveness. Using allrepparttar 149368 right techniques withrepparttar 149369 modern machines, you have maderepparttar 149370 perfect business card. This would mean that you have gottenrepparttar 149371 attention ofrepparttar 149372 holder. The next big thing to be considered isrepparttar 149373 content ofrepparttar 149374 card. Does it appeal as much asrepparttar 149375 designs do? The most commonly overlooked marketing factor in business cards isrepparttar 149376 message thatrepparttar 149377 card conveys. What does it say torepparttar 149378 people reading them?

Havingrepparttar 149379 perfect look and designs does not always guarantee customer response using these cards. It is important to noterepparttar 149380 words that are used to describerepparttar 149381 business, its products andrepparttar 149382 services rendered.

To begin with,repparttar 149383 slogan or logo should be able to makerepparttar 149384 reader isolate your card from others. People tend to just set aside these cards along with other cards and files, to be searched on later whenrepparttar 149385 need arises. Making your card as unique and a standout would distinguish it from those others. Whenrepparttar 149386 time comes for it to be of use, something aboutrepparttar 149387 card thatrepparttar 149388 readers have seen would come to mind and they would remember that certain card. It could berepparttar 149389 printed words, orrepparttar 149390 drawings that are inherent in them, or a design that was stuck to memory. Orrepparttar 149391 contents. It gives them a good reason to choose and call you.

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