What is the true winning percentage of a proffesional soccerpunter

Written by winder leow

Many people believe professional-level sports bettors win at least 60% of their bets. It's understandable that people think that, but it's just not true. The fact is,repparttar difference betweenrepparttar 144416 percentage of bets won by successful sports bettors andrepparttar 144417 percentage of bets won by losers is relatively very small.

Anyone can expect to win 50 percent. After all,repparttar 144418 only thing required is to flip a coin and pick a side. The bookmakers' profit comes fromrepparttar 144419 difference between what a bettor must risk and what a bettor expects to win. Every time a player wins,repparttar 144420 bookmaker withholds slightly more than 9 percent ofrepparttar 144421 winnings ($1 for every $11 risked). Consequently, a bettor winning only half his bets will ultimately go broke.

Soccer betting tips

Written by winder liao

1.)On every matchday, cancel off those matches you aren't sure of or those which you have no confidence in beting.Focus onrepparttar remainder confident picks. streamline those remainder confident picks to 3 most confident picks. Even bet onrepparttar 144415 3 most confident picks. This help to train on your selective skills, because when you bet big there is little room for error.

2.) Focus on 1 0r 2 leagues which you are gd in and bet bigger these will act as your primary income .bet small on leagues which you are weak in or still learning.this will help you gain more exposure and experience.it takes around 2-3 season to understand each individual team characteristic.

3.) On days even when you don't bet, keep meticulous and honest records of your play decisions andrepparttar 144416 results. this will teach you which league you are strong in and weak in so that you could make improvement own your areas of weakness.

4) Always be on constant alert to make changes to your own handicapping methods and techniques.Why,what is applicable 1 mth ago may not be appicable now asrepparttar 144417 bookmaker will constantly changerepparttar 144418 lines as season progressess.

5.)On following trends observe whetherrepparttar 144419 trend is getting stronger or weaker,don't follow blindly .keep a constant lookout. tip no.4

6.)Livebetting matches are not forrepparttar 144420 begginers if you want to bet big try to reserve your funds on those match that are not telecast unless you know how to readrepparttar 144421 jalan odds posted asrepparttar 144422 match progressess its best to avoid or bet small for recreation viewing. For more info click live betting

7.)On combos and parlays try to limit your selections to not more than 5.Its best to find bookmakers that allows AH parlays and bet around $30-$50.Its like betting 4D exceptrepparttar 144423 odds of winning is higher.Avoid those low odds of $1.20-$1.50 in your combos,they seems like surebet but what is a surebet in a gambling industry.Best find odds around 1.85-2.125.

8.) Do not use more than 5% of your original bankroll for each bet and due to my experience once if you bet too large chances are when you hitrepparttar 144424 rough patch u will have difficulty fighting back.

9.)The key to be a good handicapper inrepparttar 144425 long run is to stick to one's proven method and leaving room for updating and improvement.Remember soccerbetting are in constant flux,what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow.handicapping is a skill that requires constant attention and willingness to change.

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