What is the purpose of Corporate gifts?

Written by Meredith Gossland

Corporate gift giving is a form of marketing, branding, customer service, and employee recognition that is time honored and can certainly help to create loyalty.

But, although it feels good to get a really great present! It can feel terrible to get a present that shows a lack of concern or consideration. This feeling is not followed by loyalty but instead, anger and resentment.

Corporate gift giving, more so than personal gift giving needs to be done with great care and withrepparttar recipent in mind. Who is gettingrepparttar 141690 gift and what are they likely to think aboutrepparttar 141691 gift. It can make or break a client relationship, create a loyal employee or a disgruntled one. It can become an annual joke at your company atrepparttar 141692 comapnies expense. So what isrepparttar 141693 key to gift giving?


In a small company this can be fairly easy but as a company grows in sizerepparttar 141694 tendancy is to giverepparttar 141695 same gift to all. This can actually underminerepparttar 141696 power of gift giving and undermine your purpose.

How can a larger company manage personalization of gift giving to optimizerepparttar 141697 effects of giving and increaserepparttar 141698 value of customers and employees? What needs to be considered when giving a gift?

First and most obvious isrepparttar 141699 economic level ofrepparttar 141700 recipent. A $25 bottle of wine is not what a cash strapped father of 2 might need at Christmas time when he has to buy toys for his kids, a present for his wife, and needs to payrepparttar 141701 electric bill. Would a gift card from Target be put to better use thanrepparttar 141702 bottle of wine? If your client has spent $20,000 this past year at your company that bottle of wine is a slap inrepparttar 141703 face.

Employee Appreciation at it's Best

Written by Bob Bassett

For that special client or that special secretary, a corporate gift basket is a great way to make someone feel important. From making a good first impression, to thanking a client and letting them know that their business matters, to rewarding your employees for a job well done, gift giving is important inrepparttar corporate world.

Corporate gift giving can be tricky, with some customers or business associates having policies limitingrepparttar 141604 monetary value of what they may accept, personal preference, and even allergies playing a part in choosingrepparttar 141605 perfect corporate gift basket. The easiest way to find out what is an acceptable gift and within company policy is to call your customer.s company and ask to speak to their human resources department. They can provide you with acceptable gift-giving guidelines for their company. Smaller companies may have less strict guidelines or you may be able to give a gift torepparttar 141606 whole office, rather than one individual. Choosing a corporate gift basket tailored to your customer shows that you pay attention to detail.

Giving gifts to your employees, while not required, makes them feel appreciated. Corporate gift baskets are a great option, since you can tailor each gift torepparttar 141607 individual employee. The personal touch is important, letting your employees know that you pay attention to them. Corporate gift baskets are a great way to reward a special job well done or celebrate Secretary's Day. For an extra touch, throw in a gift card to an employee's favorite store.

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