What is the largest breed of dog in the world. The Old English Mastiff

Written by Sharon Medforth

The Old English Mastiff isrepparttar LARGEST breed of dog inrepparttar 141616 world . .They can weigh anywhere from 110 pounds torepparttar 141617 343 pounds. Zorba,an English mastuff ,heldrepparttar 141618 world record ofrepparttar 141619 world's largest dog. Most Mastiff males weigh around 160-230 pounds and females around 120-190 pounds. The hight of a mastiff can range from 26 inches atrepparttar 141620 shoulder to 36 inches . The Irish Wolf Hound and Great Dane can be taller thenrepparttar 141621 mastiff , but do not matchrepparttar 141622 mastiff for weight and over all size .

Move Over, Doggie Bag

Written by Bob Bassett

Pets and pet lovers alike will enjoy a dog gift basket. It's a truly unique gift that lets someone know that you understand how special their dog is to them. Your own furry friend will be delighted withrepparttar treats and toys, too.

Dog gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Baskets just for pets include treats and toys, and may also include bedding, dishes, or clothes. The treats may be name brand dog treats or in some cases, gourmet dog cookies or homemade treats. If you give your pet gifts duringrepparttar 141615 holidays, this is something you can both enjoy.

For a pet and owner, a dog gift basket with something for each is a good choice. If you know someone that positively dotes on their dog, this can be a great Christmas gift or a nice thank-you to your veterinarian for a job well done. Often, pet-themed gift baskets include a mug or other item forrepparttar 141616 owner, a toy forrepparttar 141617 dog, and treats for both.

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