What is the big deal about goal setting anyways?

Written by Kenia Morales

Goal setting related content is everywhere and yet, so may fail to create their life’s master plan. It maybe because they do not want to spend time planning their objective, their life purpose is not too clear, does not believe goal setting is necessary etc.

If you belong torepparttar group of people that I mentioned above my advice to you is: whateverrepparttar 140020 reason is for not planning your personal path really does not matter. However, you should start reaching for paper and pen right about now. For what you may ask? If you ever want to get somewhere, you need to start setting goals immediately.

Not having a clear path to follow is just like driving a car without a final destination. You will probably end up inrepparttar 140021 middle of nowhere. However, imagine driving with a particular address in mind. You will end exactly where you intended to.

There Is Not Enough Gold, Or Paper Money In This World To Buy This Spiritual Truth

Written by Dr Ina Bliss

What isrepparttar very highest, most abstract state of mind in which we can be?

Jesus The Christ's,repparttar 139978 only being ever with an absolute untainted concept ofrepparttar 139979 truth.

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