What is my favorite...and why

Written by Doreene Clement

Quarterly Questions What is my favorite...and why... By Doreene Clement

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A great thing about keeping a journal, diary or diaries, is that you can write about whatever you want. Listed below are assorted topics that you can journal about, or you can create your own topics. Journal on your own, or meet with a friend and journal together. This idea can be added to your regular journaling, and done every quarter, or every month.

Here are some ideas you can write about…

What book was your favorite, and why did you enjoy it? Did you see yourself or someone you know inrepparttar characters orrepparttar 145616 story? What dream do rememberrepparttar 145617 most, and why? Was there a lesson that stood out for you? What have you learned about yourself, another, or life? What was your favorite movie? Whom did you see it with? Would you see it again or refer a friend? What happened to you duringrepparttar 145618 last 3 months that gave yourepparttar 145619 most patience? That is your patience builder. Journal your feelings and experiences forrepparttar 145620 last 3 months about any or all ofrepparttar 145621 below topics:

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ADVENTURE __________________________________________________ BOOK __________________________________________________ CHUCKLE __________________________________________________ DAY __________________________________________________ DREAM __________________________________________________

Tame Your Worst Enemy, Fear

Written by A.Z. Alfred

“People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears atrepparttar expense of their dream.”

—Norman Cousins

Most time when I visit my poet friend, we spend time talking about poets fromrepparttar 145615 era of Shakespeare to Billy Collins. We would talk about their journey through life and how they ended up.

When we have exhausted ourselves with great names’ life history, we would have brunch or lunch together. Afterward, we would talk about our personal writings and dreams. We do this continuously for many months andrepparttar 145616 more we do this,repparttar 145617 better our creativity becomes.

One morning I visited him. I got his firm handshake and slouched onrepparttar 145618 couch as usual. After exchanging some pleasantries, he brought out a copy of TIME magazine and talked about “The man in full.” We spent more than three hours talking aboutrepparttar 145619 great American writer before my poet friend excused himself to take a shower.

I picked uprepparttar 145620 magazine and stared at Tom Wolfe, in full, onrepparttar 145621 cover page. He was immaculately dressed in white suit, hat and a pair of shoes. A pair of white gloves in a hand, he stood half akimbo leaning on his cane withrepparttar 145622 other hand wearing a bright smile of a successful writer.

Staring at him, I was lost in Wolfe’s world. I imagined millions of autographs he’d signed; thousands of people who had ran into him, inrepparttar 145623 subway, stores and parking lots screaming “Holy jeez, he’s Tom Wolfe!” He must have shook their hands and say, “How are you doing?” Maybe simply smile; tilts his hat as a humble person and walk away signing another autograph.

The next minute, it struck me to do something, something a bit crazy. It dawned on me to swap place with Wolfe even if for one-tenth of a second. So, I dissolved Tom Wolfe. I saw myself onrepparttar 145624 cover page leaning on a cane. I saw myself signing autographs. I heard some distance voices calling after me saying, “That’s him, that’s him. He’s on TIME last week.” I saw myself walking into bookstores and getting bows. I heard some beautiful college blondes whispering as I sat inrepparttar 145625 train, “I read his book last week; he’s onrepparttar 145626 best selling list. Do you think he would give an autograph?” (I will if they wouldn’t want me signing it on some breasts like Dylan Thomas did.)

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