What is carving a niche and how does it add value to yoru home business?

Written by Purva Mewar

Carving a niche is giving your home business a unique identity. Its a mind game. Carving a niche should be one ofrepparttar primary focuses while you start your home business.  Carving a niche means filling a need. Thousands of sites with similar theme are already up and active onrepparttar 146250 net and as many are being launched everyday. How do you survive such competition? By carving a niche for our services or product.. means we give it a unique identity. Say for example I am dealing in online education. (See, how I develop my niche.. ) I narrow it down to MBA. So my focus group becomes students who are aspiring to do MBA. I further narrow it down.. people who want to do it online. I have narrowed it down to Online MBA.  now I think of an add-on': I help them get educational loans. Finally I have a product/service ready for my specific target audience "Now you can continue to do your regular job and do your MBA Online. We help with educational loan you may need to pursue your dream of getting yourself a professional degree.

Byrepparttar 146251 above thinking process we have done three things : Our target audience is decided. Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is decided, that they can work while they earn their degree. And third thing 'Add On' is, if they are looking for loan to study we can help them.

How to Survive an Operating System Crash

Written by Patty Gale

"We apologize forrepparttar inconvenience, but Windows could not be accessed or located."

It happens torepparttar 146110 best of us. A complete operating system failure. One day you might turn on your p.c. and that dreadful message is on your screen as plain as day. You don't know what you could have possibly done, as your computer was working fine just a little while ago.

Panic is usuallyrepparttar 146111 first thing to set in. Something like an operating system failure can literally put home business owners out of business indefinitely. The cost and time involved in trying to repair a p.c. andrepparttar 146112 months or even years of lost information is overwhelming and frightening to think about.

This doesn't have to happen to you if you are prepared.

When you think about it, our businesses are atrepparttar 146113 mercy of technology. The technology is only as good as long as it's working properly. What a wonderful world we would live in if technology were flawless.

The reality is that systems fail. Computers are machines and machines sometimes break down. It doesn't get any simpler that than. We have no other choice than to be prepared for when those times come, especially IF we want to make sure our home business suffers very little down time.

There are some very easy things you can do right now to make ensure your peace of mind for your business. You need to be back up and running as quickly as possible inrepparttar 146114 event of an operating system crash.

1. Document everything including usernames, passwords, merchant account numbers, important websites and especially software unlock codes. Anything that is not written down on paper is subject to be lost.

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