What is better than writing articles for Website promotion ?

Written by Ashish Thakkar

Answer : Readingrepparttar articles for web promotion !

Yes ! This is one ofrepparttar 150225 best techniques available that will help you in website promotion of your websites and blogs.Gone arerepparttar 150226 days when you had to pay big bucks to search engine optimizers for your internet promotion & guidance or surf through forum to forum to learnrepparttar 150227 best techniques or latest trends for online marketing.The best thing about reading articles is that they help you gain "specific" knowledge and information at zero cost.

As soon asrepparttar 150228 word went out that writing content articles for article directories, your sites and blog can help you in your site getting a high rank, everyone , his brother and mother started writing articles.

Sincerepparttar 150229 buzz word went outrepparttar 150230 whole article arena got divided into two groups of people :

A)The article writers who write for gaining popularity Most ofrepparttar 150231 current article writers write withrepparttar 150232 sole aim of getting link popularity and just dorepparttar 150233 writing forrepparttar 150234 heck of it.The information is either old or gained from a thread at a web promotion forum.

B)The experts article writers who want to share The expert article writer writes to share information and knowledge with readers and in turn gets a loyal article reader and newsletter or blog subscriber.The best part of an article written by an expert is that it is filled with loads of information, tips and techniques and at what cost ?

We should not be concerned aboutrepparttar 150235 category "A" as most ofrepparttar 150236 content and information available is already available and being distributed day in day out.What is so special aboutrepparttar 150237 "category B" is that they have a new and unique article post which has information not available anywhere else.

How can you gain advantage from this ?

Is Your Site in the Google Sandbox

Written by Jeannette Balleza

The Widget Corporation is a highly successful business that specializes in designing and manufacturing office widgets, namely customized stress balls and ergonomically designed footrests.

The owner Jason Widget collaborated with a web design company to create a beautiful web site with strong content, numerous incoming links, an online catalog and ordering system.

Even afterrepparttar site was featured inrepparttar 149880 industry's most popular trade publication six weeks afterrepparttar 149881 site launch, Mr. Widget was confounded when he went to Google and searched for his web site using intuitive keyword combinations, including ''Widget Corporation,'' ''office widgets,'' ''custom stress balls,'' etc.


His searches kept yielding pages of results, butrepparttar 149882 Widget Corp's site was nowhere to be found inrepparttar 149883 first two pages of listings.

Then he typed inrepparttar 149884 keyword combo ''ergonomic footrests,'' and his site popped up #1.

Sound familiar?

Mr. Widget's web site, although optimized well for search engines, is likely one ofrepparttar 149885 many web sites launched after March 2004 that are experiencingrepparttar 149886 Google Sandbox effect. Whilerepparttar 149887 existence ofrepparttar 149888 Sandbox as a new site filter is a subject of debate among search engine experts, Google has reportedly all but admitted thatrepparttar 149889 Sandbox filter is real.

What exactly isrepparttar 149890 Google Sandbox?

According to Wayne Hurlbert, a contributor to Blog Business World for successful entrepreneurs,repparttar 149891 Sandbox ''is very similar to a new web site being placed on probation, and kept lower than expected in searches, prior to being given full value for its incoming links and content.''

Withrepparttar 149892 onslaught of spam-related web sites coming online,repparttar 149893 Sandbox theoretically weeds out from results pages those spammers who supplement weak content with purchased links to garner high rankings and sales before getting banned.

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