What is a Scam?

Written by John Olson

We all seerepparttar word, "Scam" all overrepparttar 122551 place.

Some of us even use it ourselves.

But do we really know what it is?

I spent sometime looking it up. Here are some definitions ofrepparttar 122552 word Scam:

From Cambridge International Dictionary of English: scam, noun [C] INFORMAL, a plan or action for making money which is dishonest, illegal and often clever. He burnt his own house down so that he could claimrepparttar 122553 insurance money - what a scam!

Fromrepparttar 122554 Merriam-Webster Dictionary: scam Main Entry: Pronunciation: 'skam Function: noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1963 : a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (an insurance scam)

From The American Heritage® Dictionary ofrepparttar 122555 English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000: scam ...Slang A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. Inflected forms: scammed, scam·ming, scams To defraud; swindle. Origin unknown. scammer -NOUN...

From The Newbury House Online Dictionary: scam n. a plan to make money by deception or fraud, (syn.) a swindle: They ran a scam where they burned cars and collected insurance money.

From yourdictionary.com: scam (skm) Slang n. A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.

Fromrepparttar 122556 Dictionary of Slang: scam Noun. A trick or con.

As you can see there are very specific definitions forrepparttar 122557 word.

A scam is something that is set up to rip people off. To take their money.

It is not, as we sometimes think, a company that is having problems with their systems. All companies have problems. Look at AOL. They have lots of problems with their systems. But they are not a scam.

Just because we loose money or don't make money, doesn't makerepparttar 122558 company a scam. Just because a company is having problems getting their members paid on time, does not make them a scam.

Companies do have problems that are beyond their control.

It's how they handle them that tells you a lot aboutrepparttar 122559 kind of company that they are. If they are honest and up front aboutrepparttar 122560 problem, that is a good thing. If they hiderepparttar 122561 problem with a lot of double talk or no talk at all, that is a bad thing. It doesn't make them a scam, but it does say a lot about how they can be expected to do business.

When you look at companies, really look at them.

What isrepparttar 122562 first thing they say about themselves? Do they talk aboutrepparttar 122563 product orrepparttar 122564 service they offer? Or do they just launch into how much money you can make? Ifrepparttar 122565 first thing you read is all aboutrepparttar 122566 money to be made. Watch out. It might not be a scam, but it tells you that is all they are about. To them it doesn't matter whatrepparttar 122567 product orrepparttar 122568 service is, it's all aboutrepparttar 122569 pay plan.

These companies, may not be scams, but they maybe illegal. There has to be a real product or service being offered. If there is no product, if it is just passing money fromrepparttar 122570 ones below torepparttar 122571 ones above, it is illegal.

How many of you have seen this kind of thing?

A program sets up a list of members for you to pay directly or withrepparttar 122572 help ofrepparttar 122573 program, and you then takerepparttar 122574 first name offrepparttar 122575 list and add your name torepparttar 122576 bottom. It doesn't matter if they tell you that you are ordering a report or something like that from each ofrepparttar 122577 members, it is an illegal Chain Letter. It will not last and most people will not make money. Most people will loose money. The ones who will make out like bandits, arerepparttar 122578 people who started it inrepparttar 122579 first place.

A Mailing List, Now What?

Written by John Olson

We all knowrepparttar Importance of building a Mailing List.

However you do it, building a Mailing List and using it isrepparttar 122550 single best way for you to get a head. To get people to joinrepparttar 122551 programs you are in.

But, once you have a mailing list, Now What do you do with it?

The Answer…

Be yourself…

That's right, just Be Yourself…

Don't just send them ad after ad. Tell them who you are.

What is this business we are all in?

What is one ofrepparttar 122552 names we call it?

Network Marketing.

And what does Network Marketing Mean?

It means working with a Network of People and sharing want you have found. Reaching, Together forrepparttar 122553 Gold Ring.

Inrepparttar 122554 old days of Network Marketing, when we still called it MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, we were told to make a List of all of our friends, relatives and anyone else we could think of. And then work on presenting our Program to them, or Dragging them to some Opportunity Meeting where some other people who fill their heads with Dreams of Making Lots of Money.

When they signed up, they were told to dorepparttar 122555 same thing, make that list and get people to those meetings.

Then things moved on, and local Meetings didn't work forrepparttar 122556 friends and relatives who lived across country or in other countries. So,repparttar 122557 meetings went out overrepparttar 122558 Phone. Just call a long distance number at a certain time, put in a code, and Wham, there you and your contacts are, in a Meeting.

Meetings were notrepparttar 122559 only way to introduce people and get them to join something, enterrepparttar 122560 Three-way call. Just ring up some poor friend or Lead and get them talking, then Three-way them over to your upline who took over and didrepparttar 122561 selling for you. Oh, they don't call it selling, they say they are just answering questions. But you and I know, it's selling.

And Now we haverepparttar 122562 Internet. Hard to do meetings, when some ofrepparttar 122563 people are in other countries, other time zones. Harder still to get them onrepparttar 122564 Phone.

So, what do we do? We run ads, we submit to Search Engines we join Safelists, Hit Exchanges, Post to Message Boards, Build Websites and submit them to Search Engines and anything else we can find to get people to look at our Program.

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