What is a Duvet Cover?

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

A Duvet Cover is actually just another name for a Bed Comforter Cover. It's like a very large pillow case, is is normally used to cover a down comforter. Using a duvet cover makes changing your bedroom decor quick and easy, and it's much easier to clean than a full comforter.

Duvet covers come in all sizes, however according to review in Good Housekeeping Magazine, sometimes sizes can vary as much as 10 inches. When buying duvet covers, it's a good idea to look atrepparttar size in inches, then compare that torepparttar 136674 actual size of your comforter.

Buying a duvet cover is a quick and easy way to changerepparttar 136675 look of your bedroom decor. They make great focal and starting points when you're designingrepparttar 136676 room's look too. Since you can choose from a wide selection of both fabric styles, solid colors, or patterned prints, you can immediately changerepparttar 136677 entire look of your bedroom simply by changing your duvet cover.

Like sheets, when you buy a duvet cover you'll want to pay attention torepparttar 136678 fabric type - or fiber composition. For instance: do you want a 100% cotton duvet cover, pure silk duvet cover, or a polyester cotton blend? The thread count is important too, usuallyrepparttar 136679 higher this is,repparttar 136680 better quality duvet cover you have. And better quality generally means it will last longer, and look new longer too.

Make Your Home's Style Unique With Mix and Match Decor

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

You see it allrepparttar time in retail discount stores: Color coordinated decor for just about anywhere in your home. And some ofrepparttar 136673 designs are quite pretty. In fact, some people become obsessed by them. They're usually really cute, come in a variety of colors, shades, patterns and designs, and they just plain make decorating easy. There's no guesswork - everything is matched for you automatically. But there's also no unique style. No sense of "you" inrepparttar 136674 finished style. If you mix and match styles up a bit though, you'll end up creating something that's just right for you, your home, and your style preferences. Here are a few tips on doing that.

1. It's ok to start with a "cookie cutter" design style, pattern, or color theme you've found in a general store. These are actually great starting places for getting new decor ideas.

2. Try choosing just one or two matching items fromrepparttar 136675 store. For instance, let's say you plan to decorate your bathroom in a sea green color scheme. You'll find plenty of really nice shower curtains to fit this color scheme well, so choose one you like. If you just can't resist... go ahead and getrepparttar 136676 matching accessories too, such asrepparttar 136677 toothbrush holder and soap dish.

3. Now most likelyrepparttar 136678 ready made design of your shower curtain has traces of other colors mixed in. It's common for instance, to see blues, tans, yellows and oranges in a sea green coordinated bathroom set, because these colors tend to be seen when you're actually atrepparttar 136679 sea or ocean. So they compliment each other.

And this is a key decorating point: Your room colors don't have to match exactly. They should simply compliment each other. So in our sea green bathroom decor example above, it would be perfectly natural to add a set of solid tan colored towels, burnt orange wash cloths, and a throw rug with touches of blue in it. Ifrepparttar 136680 blue doesn't seem to fit quite right for your tastes, then try a deep forest green colored rug instead.

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