What is Your Website's Most Wanted Response?

Written by Steve Nash

You spend time and money promoting your website; but what do you want to achieve (apart from more page views)? Is it more sales of Blue Widgets? Is it more subscribers on your mailing list? To be exact, what is your site's Most Wanted Response?

I ask this question because inrepparttar excitement of creating your very own website, it is easy to forget (or not even consider)repparttar 102596 main purpose of your site! Alas, I talk from experience!

In late 1999 I created Shop Tour UK (http://www.shoptour.co.uk): "a unique way to surf secure UK shopping sites." (Well, that's what I thought, anyway! :-) ) The site started out life as a hobby site - no problems there! - but quickly started to take hours and hours of updating each day. (With no clear, measurable objectives it's very easy to continually change and 'improve' a site!)

Shop Tour UK wasn't making any money, either - well, it was a hobby site! So I decided to redesignrepparttar 102597 site, join lots of affiliate programs, findrepparttar 102598 best affiliate programs, and focusrepparttar 102599 site on promoting those programs!

--- sidebar --- Affiliate marketing really does provide a great opportunity for ALL site owners to make extra income. But choose your affiliate programs wisely; otherwise, you'll still be working hard but for very little reward. To learn more aboutrepparttar 102600 pros and cons of affiliate marketing, visit http://www.associateprograms.com --- sidebar ---

Yes! It took months to sign-up to affiliate programs and seek outrepparttar 102601 best of them. Yes! It took a couple of site redesigns. And yes! It is better to have clear, and measurable objectives right fromrepparttar 102602 start! (That is, to know your site's Most Wanted Response!)

But hey! Now I spend much less time updating my site (because I only concentrate on promotingrepparttar 102603 most profitable aspects of it), AND it is now starting to earn money!

So how does this affect you?

Maximizing Click Through Traffic

Written by Todd W. Winslow

Anyone who runs affiliate programs on their website or who advertises on other sites, knowsrepparttar importance of click through traffic. The higher your click through percentage,repparttar 102595 higher your profits. Whether your income is generated byrepparttar 102596 hit, lead or sale, or any combination thereof, maximizing click through traffic is crucial in successfully marketing onrepparttar 102597 web.

The term click through is synonymous withrepparttar 102598 term hit - when a site visitor clicks a banner or text link taking them to another site or webpage.

In this article I will focus onrepparttar 102599 vast difference between banner ads and text links.

Banner Ads vs. Text Links:

If you're only promoting your affiliate programs or advertising your own business using banner ads, you're losingrepparttar 102600 vast majority of your click through traffic, which translates into lost income.

Banner ads tend to have a much lower click through percentage than text links. They also slowrepparttar 102601 speed at which your page loads and can be distracting - even annoying, to your site visitors. We're all very familiar with banner ads, as they are everywhere, which may partially explain their low click through or hit percentage. A lesser used and vastly more successful tactic isrepparttar 102602 text link.

A text link is a very short description ofrepparttar 102603 merchant's program, product, or service with a hyperlink to their website.


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The words CLICK HERE are a hyperlink connecting torepparttar 102604 merchant's site - http://www.taddgroup.com

The advantage of using text links over banner ads are numerous. The most important is they have a much higher click through or hit percentage than do banner ads.

The following example is actual statistics from one page on our website using one hour of traffic.

Product 1:

Banner Ad: 109 impressions / 5 hits Text Link: 109 impressions / 54 hits

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