What is Site Match?

Written by Shawn Campbell

While you may have heard of a controversial new program called Site Match, which is being run byrepparttar Yahoo/Overture team, what you probably don't know is what this program is really all about. Site Match is a program created to get your site intorepparttar 127948 Yahoo database (formerlyrepparttar 127949 Inktomi database) and it can be expensive. It is based on a yearly fee and an additional cost for every click you get from a Yahoo based search engine.

Demystifyingrepparttar 127950 Mysterious Site Match

Let me back up a bit and give you some history. On a hot July day in 2003,repparttar 127951 directory giant Yahoo boughtrepparttar 127952 colossus Pay Per Click (PPC) database Overture (previously known as Goto). Today, Yahoo has decided to monetize by offering us such programs as Site Match.

What Site Match Is Not

- Site Match has nothing to do withrepparttar 127953 $299 fee you pay to get into Yahoo's directory

- Site Match will not get you better rankings in Yahoo (or in Overture)

- Site Match does not get you into Overture's auction-style PPC database

What Site Match Is

Site Match ensures that your site is listed in Yahoo's search database (not their directory), and that it is refreshed every 48 hours. If you are not listed in Yahoo's search database you can do one of two things:

1. Wait until Yahoo's spider picks you up

2. Pay Site Match to list you right away.

Unless your site is brand-spanking new, you are likely to already be listed in Yahoo's search database. Yahoo's spider (Slurp) does an extensive job of picking up web sites to add to repparttar 127954 database. To verify that you are indeed listed, you can type your domain intorepparttar 127955 Yahoo search box and see if your site comes up (type "yourdomain.com" withoutrepparttar 127956 quotes). If a result comes up, then you are inrepparttar 127957 database.

How Much Does Site Match Cost?

Site Match costs $49 per year to sign up and $0.15 to $0.30 per click afterwards. If you are listed in Yahoo's database, you get repparttar 127958 exact same service for free (except that your site is refreshed every month instead of every 48 hours). What arerepparttar 127959 advantages of being refreshed? What does refreshed mean? It essentially entails that Slurp comes to visit your site and updates it torepparttar 127960 Yahoo database every two days.

My Site Match Test

I decided to test out a site to see if there are any benefits to using Site Match. I submitted www.PrintPot.com torepparttar 127961 program on April 23rd. This site was created in early April, so it just got intorepparttar 127962 database a week before. The rankings before and after Site Match are as follows:

KEYWORD RANKING APRIL 23RD (Before Site Match) print pot........................... 9 epson inkjet refill kits........... 59 epson ink refill kits.............. 65 epson refill kits................. 126 compatible epson ink cartridges... 164 epson chip resetter............... 355

KEYWORD RANKING MAY 3RD (After Site Match) print pot......................... 14 epson inkjet refill kits.......... none epson ink refill kits............. none epson refill kits................. none compatible epson ink cartridges... none epson chip resetter............... none

Google Contest - Nigritude Ultramarine

Written by S. Housley

Nigritude Ultramarine Search engine optimization experts are having fun with Google. Experts, with DarkBlue.com atrepparttar helm, are holding a contest to determine how Google really works. Experts are competing, withrepparttar 127947 goal of optimizing a webpage for a non-sensical phrase: 'nigritude ultramarine'. On May 7th,repparttar 127948 dayrepparttar 127949 terms 'nigritude ultramarine' was announced, typingrepparttar 127950 phrase into Google generated no search listings. Search engine optimizers hoping to define themselves as industry leaders are all vying forrepparttar 127951 number one spot. Others seerepparttar 127952 contest as an opportunity to test theories and experiment without jeopardizing existing traffic. Some webmasters are leery at staking their professional reputation on a contest with an undefined number of participants.

As an added incentive for search engine experts and webmasters to participate and work their magic, DarkBlue.com is giving away an Apple Mini iPodô and a Sony Flat Screen Monitor to anyone who can take their page to #1 forrepparttar 127953 phrase 'nigritude ultramarine'. The contest is scheduled to run for two months and will conclude on July 7th, 2004.

Magical Phrase The phrase generating

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