What is Shadow Box Framing?

Written by by Jim Fishwick, Manager, Matshop.com and Matshop.ca

Displaying memorabilia in a frame enjoys tremendous popularity. Sport objects, collectors plates, medals and clothing pieces are just a sample ofrepparttar huge number of objects regularly displayed. Retail stores abound with examples of completed shadow boxes which usually command high prices due torepparttar 139157 originality ofrepparttar 139158 display.

Finding frames for artwork and photos is easy, with standard sizes available everywhere. Shadow box frames are a different story. Many require odd shapes, andrepparttar 139159 depth necessary may be anything from a fraction of an inch to several inches. Some ofrepparttar 139160 larger Art supply outlets and Craft stores carry a limited supply of shadow box frames. Custom frame shops can design one to your requirements, butrepparttar 139161 cost can easily run to several hundred dollars for larger frames.

Shadow box frames can be divided into 3 categories (B)1. Shallow frames, ranging up to 1/2 inch or so.

These can often use "offrepparttar 139162 shelf" frames. Objects such as coins, metals, ribbons etc. usually do not require more than 3/8 to 1/2 inch of depth, and many normal frames will accommodate this. Some frames also come with a "double" rabbet and are usually for oil paintings. These can allow up to 1 1/2 inches of depth. Standards size "offrepparttar 139163 shelf" frames are relatively inexpensive.

2. True shadow box (solid wood) frames.

These will allow depths of 4 inches or more, depending onrepparttar 139164 design. A rabbet is usually put onrepparttar 139165 bottom ofrepparttar 139166 frame for installation ofrepparttar 139167 back. Shadow box frames take a lot of high quality wood, are difficult to obtain, and generally quite expensive. The inner sides and back usually need to be decorated with a covering material, often matboard or similar materials.

3. Display boxes which fit into "offrepparttar 139168 shelf" frames.

Display boxes are made to fit intorepparttar 139169 rabbet of a normal frame. They normally come pre-lined with mat or paper materials and you can add your own lining if required. If used with a true Shadow box frame,repparttar 139170 steps of decoratingrepparttar 139171 sides and back are eliminate, and disassembly is easy. The advantage is that a very nice frame can be turned into a shadow box of any depth quite inexpensively. The back ofrepparttar 139172 display box will jut out fromrepparttar 139173 back ofrepparttar 139174 frame used, so a wide frame is desireable. Display boxes are normally manufactured for specific purposes, and thus are difficult to obtain.

Liningrepparttar 139175 Shadow box frame 1. If mats are to be used,repparttar 139176 sides ofrepparttar 139177 frame may not be seen. Also,repparttar 139178 glass and mats can be held in by using framing points. Thus no work is required onrepparttar 139179 sides.

2. If mats are not used,repparttar 139180 sides should be lined first with foamcore, and then with matboard or some other decorative material. (Wall paper, colored paper etc.) The top edge ofrepparttar 139181 foamcore will press againstrepparttar 139182 glass and hold it in place. Double sided tape or glue will holdrepparttar 139183 foamcore and lining in place. Be surerepparttar 139184 foamcore and lining is not thicker thanrepparttar 139185 width ofrepparttar 139186 rabbet, or it will be seen fromrepparttar 139187 front ofrepparttar 139188 frame.

3. The rear ofrepparttar 139189 box requires a material less than 1/4 inch deep, orrepparttar 139190 width ofrepparttar 139191 rabbet atrepparttar 139192 bottom ofrepparttar 139193 frame. Thin plywood or a similar material is fine, but 3/16" foamcore is one ofrepparttar 139194 better materials. It is very smooth, and easy to attach to a lining. Use matboard or a similar material to linerepparttar 139195 back and attach it with double sided tape or glue.

Using window mats with shadow boxes Any shadow box can be used with or without a single or double mat. If mats are used, any number of openings can be placed to effectively display several objects. The mats can even be placed at different levels to add torepparttar 139196 "3D" effect. If mats are used,repparttar 139197 sides ofrepparttar 139198 frames do not usually need to be decorated as they are not seen. The type and color of mats should matchrepparttar 139199 color ofrepparttar 139200 backing board.

You are a Diamond So Scrapbook About Yourself

Written by Fion Lim

As a devoted scrapper, you probably gain satisfaction from scrapbooking about others.

Oftentimes, you arerepparttar one glaring missing light in your scrapbook albums. Simply because you're so caught up with hiding behindrepparttar 138744 camera and being a fixated shutterbug. Either that or you're tied up scrapbooking about others that you missed out on scrapbooking about yourself.

Somehow, it's happening too frequently.

Ever thought about why you should take a step back and start scrapbooking about yourself? Ever wonder how scrapbooking about "you" could bring outrepparttar 138745 shine in you?

Come on, you are special, there's no way to deny it. Rare like a diamond. Just probably covered up in layers and needed some polishing to bring outrepparttar 138746 natural shine. And scrapbooking is a powerful method to revealrepparttar 138747 rareness in you.

There's so many glowing benefits to creating scrapbooks all about you:

1) Leaving Behind an Everlasting Legacy

Forrepparttar 138748 people who will never getrepparttar 138749 chance of meeting and knowing you, your scrapbooks about yourself will leave behind memories of you as a person. It's a mean of letting them discover and know about you.

I once read of a mother who was seized with terminal stage of cancer. In her final days, instead of resting, she struggled to put together scrapbook albums of herself. Why? Just so that her two very young toddlers will get to know aboutrepparttar 138750 mommy whom they'll never see in person again. The scrapbooks will be constant reminders torepparttar 138751 kids of their mommy's love for them and her thoughts about them.

It's a heart-wrenching story, but it's a wake up call that you don't have an eternity. You have to take steps now to make time to leave behind a part of who you are. Like they said, "You'll never know"...

2) Showingrepparttar 138752 World of You as an Individual

Yes, besides being known asrepparttar 138753 scrapbooker who so lovingly and tenderly put togetherrepparttar 138754 family scrapbooks, your children and present or future grandchildren would want to know how you look like. They'll wonder "How did Granny Kate look like when she's a baby? And what did she look like when she's a young woman?"

You're likely to haverepparttar 138755 same curiosity of your ancestors too. So do showcase your changing faces or appearances throughoutrepparttar 138756 years or decades. Come out from behind your camera, and ask or plead with someone else to take overrepparttar 138757 role ofrepparttar 138758 photographer.

You are important and you need to be in those pages.

3) Revealingrepparttar 138759 Real You

By scrapbooking, you'll immortalize a part of yourself in a permanent way. And through reading your journaling, others will get to know you in an intimate sort of way. You are granting them permission to be privy to your inner world of thoughts, which are usually hidden byrepparttar 138760 superficialities of your daily life. Your journaling will revealrepparttar 138761 authentic side of you that many may not haverepparttar 138762 privilege to know of otherwise.

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