What is Remote Viewing & Why do Remote Viewers abhor being referred to as "Psychics"

Written by Jonina Dourif

What is Remote Viewing & why do Remote Viewers abhor being referred to as "Psychics"

“Lay back and tell me what you see,” saysrepparttar psychic. “Move fast and stay in structure,” saysrepparttar 122328 remote viewer. One is passive andrepparttar 122329 other is active.

The Remote Viewer actively participates, using a pen, paper and a specific recipe, which allows for passive information to accumulate. The breakthrough discovery occurred when it was realized that by using this conscious processing system (called TRV) an alert mind could manage its mental attention to access direct knowledge - accurate information on a consistent basis and we don't even have to believe that it works. It will work despite our disbelief!

Sounds dry? It is dry and simple.

People have traditionally romanticized psychic experiences and maderepparttar 122330 unknown mysterious. Remote Viewing wrecks all that fun. We cut right torepparttar 122331 chase and make a point of striving for accuracy and consistency. Remote Viewers learnrepparttar 122332 specific protocols and then they work to accomplish increasingly better results. Like any skill,repparttar 122333 more we do itrepparttar 122334 better we get at it.

Sound like work? It requires effort and discipline but Remote Viewers end up lovingrepparttar 122335 work.

There’s nothing else like it out there. There is not an accurate comparison for Remote Viewing. Professional remote viewers shy away from calling it “an experience” because there is nothing else like it. People who do not know better, cut and paste other psychic practices onrepparttar 122336 term “Remote Viewing”. The fact is that there is not a comparable descriptor. Remote Viewing is not like automatic writing, channeling, out of body experiences (OBE’s) or astral projection. It is not lucid dreaming or playing with Ouija boards or tarot cards. Remote Viewing is a trained skill, similar to language. Everybody hasrepparttar 122337 innate ability and anybody who puts inrepparttar 122338 time and effort, can learn it. Once upon a time man could only make noise and grunt - now we talk and communicate in a refined way and think nothing of it.

Many psychics who have become known by stickingrepparttar 122339 sign “Psychic” on their door do not likerepparttar 122340 idea of Remote Viewing. We have destroyed their specialty. We have yankedrepparttar 122341 pedestal out from under them and obliterated their mysterious unique ability. Now, it’s not only “the gifted ones” who get to enjoyrepparttar 122342 power of their mind. A trained Remote Viewer is more consistently accurate thanrepparttar 122343 world's best untrained psychics. And we just keep getting better. Our boundaries see no limits. The longer a remote viewer sticks with it -repparttar 122344 more amazed and astounded he or she becomes.

Understanding Tarot: Seeing Beyond the Myths

Written by Christin Snyder

There are many misconceptions surroundingrepparttar Tarot that have caused much debate. Forrepparttar 122327 past 15 years I have usedrepparttar 122328 Tarot as an instrument to gain understanding and insight. In this time I have had to grow into this tool also, learning through experience what it can and cannot do. Tarot is not a fortune telling device as often depicted. It is not a magic wand that lays out an easy future by providing allrepparttar 122329 answers in advance. The future is not set in stone, our use of free will determines what directions we take and if we believe otherwise, we give our power away to circumstance.

Simply put, Tarot is an instrument used to gain deeper insight & understanding through symbology and exploration. It is a tool for personal transformation throughrepparttar 122330 combined usage of psychology and spirituality. It enhances awareness, and inrepparttar 122331 process expands horizons by highlighting choices and scenarios by laying it all out before us. Living an empowered life means understanding thatrepparttar 122332 future is not entirely predestined. I believe we come here knowing and allowing ourselves to have certain experiences, but we also shape those experiences through integration of what we have learned. Just like a grade in school, you have certain objectives and lessons that are part ofrepparttar 122333 goal plan. Some students will succeed, others will not makerepparttar 122334 goal, but each student shapes his/her own learning experience through effort and application. Tarot, when used properly, was never intended to be “magic”, just a tool for insight to helprepparttar 122335 querrent make more empowered decisions. It acts as a sort of study guide, enhancingrepparttar 122336 learning process through displaying repeating behavior patterns, potential consequences/rewards for ones actions, and possible choices. The Tarot through its series of images tells a story, each card represents different personality traits, attitudes, actions etc, and through these pictures a story begins to emerge. The ultimate outcome is entirely inrepparttar 122337 hands ofrepparttar 122338 one seekingrepparttar 122339 guidance.

As with anything else misunderstood, it is human nature to fear and label things which can be viewed as a potential threat. Things that are different are frightening and often labeled as evil outright, rather than explored. Remember, we live in a society that burned people alive only a few hundred years ago because of fears of evil. I am reminded ofrepparttar 122340 famous quote ”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Human nature in a fear state is a peculiar phenomenon that causes those in its grip to say, do, and believe some rather absurd things. The whole propaganda about Tarot being associated with Satanism andrepparttar 122341 Devil is flat out nonsense. No,repparttar 122342 Tarot was not written about or condemned inrepparttar 122343 Bible or any other holy book for that matter, asrepparttar 122344 Tarot did not even come into existence until somewhere betweenrepparttar 122345 14th and 15th century AD. We must remember to keep our holy books in context, as they are meant to be taken symbolically and not literally. If we were to actually take some of these books literally we would still be stoning women, sacrificing animals, and smiting our neighbors. As with anything else,repparttar 122346 Golden Rule applies: “Do unto others”.

The vast majority of us who use Tarot in our daily lives are no more evil than anyone else. We work jobs, raise families, and socialize withrepparttar 122347 rest ofrepparttar 122348 community and do otherwise perfectly “normal” things. We don't all have big head dresses and speak in funny accents telling others we have mystical magical powers and can change lives, bring people lovers, or dole out winning lotto numbers. The charlatans who practice this kind of thing, and propagate these misconceptions aren't evil either, they are just plain greedy and eager to capitalize onrepparttar 122349 pain and misunderstanding of others. I have seen just as much greed in many churches & temples, so i would advise people to not jump to conclusions, but to research and try to gain understanding into how this tool works before labeling it as anything.

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