What is Reiki?

Written by Sam Stevens

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing in which a properly attuned Reiki Practitioner serves as a conduit for Universal Life Force (or ReiKi). The Reiki practitioner opens them self up as a conduit for a semi-sentient energy summoned from a higher source to facilitate healing or correct a person’s aura. The Reiki Practitioner is not a healer per se – butrepparttar energy moves through them to work withrepparttar 122087 recipient’s higher will in correcting imbalances and treating situations fromrepparttar 122088 core causal point rather thanrepparttar 122089 effect. This is thought to have a beneficial effect onrepparttar 122090 body, mind, and spirit, emotional and in Indian systems -repparttar 122091 chakra system. Everything inrepparttar 122092 universe is thought to have an underlying energy that gives it form, structure, health, strength and autonomy. This invisible, but formidable force is calledrepparttar 122093 Chi by Chinese mystics and martial artists and referred to as Prana by Indian masters and healers. It is also called “orgone energy” andrepparttar 122094 practice itself is also described byrepparttar 122095 names Chi Gong and Polarity therapy. Whatever you want to call it,repparttar 122096 word Reiki literally means “Universal Life Force.” Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality. The level of reality where Reiki operates isrepparttar 122097 underlying energy structure of matter, asrepparttar 122098 physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy. The health, flow and strength of this force are thought to be affected by our thoughts. Think negative thoughts and manifest diseases and unfortunate events. Think positive thoughts and good health and good fortune. Think nothing and achieve bliss. Reiki is really about helping those who are stuck in self, accessrepparttar 122099 healing energies of a higher power. In some ways too, Reiki can be called an active, ritualistic form of prayer. A Reiki healing is a very simple, and quite religious act of faith. In essence,repparttar 122100 Reiki Healer or Master can be seen as a channel or vessel forrepparttar 122101 transformative power of God’s love. The practitioner places his or her hands uponrepparttar 122102 person to be healed withrepparttar 122103 intent for healing to occur, and thenrepparttar 122104 energy begins flowing. Intorepparttar 122105 afflicted part ofrepparttar 122106 body, without any judgement or thoughts fromrepparttar 122107 Reiki Master. The healer draws exactlyrepparttar 122108 amount of needed energy torepparttar 122109 recipient. There is no conscious intervention or appeal onrepparttar 122110 part ofrepparttar 122111 healer who are there to keeprepparttar 122112 “healing space” open betweenrepparttar 122113 diseased or troubled person andrepparttar 122114 divine love before. The healer/s job is to get out ofrepparttar 122115 way and be a conduit. Often, if you will observe a Reiki healer, he or she will appear to stop and watch or listen for signs of what to do next, from a silent voice.

Fountain of Light Exercise

Written by Sam Stevens

An etheric body, also known asrepparttar aura, surrounds every human being. This energy field is thought to be made up of you’rerepparttar 122086 emanations of your life force, whatrepparttar 122087 Middle Eastern religions call Prana,repparttar 122088 Chinese call Chi andrepparttar 122089 popular religions callrepparttar 122090 Soul. An entire New Age cottage industry has sprung up aroundrepparttar 122091 idea of taking electromagnetic pictures of these phenomena using Kirilian or electromagnetic photography. Psychics and Channelers take cues fromrepparttar 122092 colors revealed in these photographs to diagnose and interpret physical, spiritual and emotional conditions. The most prominent element of Etheric Body, or soul-structure as it is also known, is said to consist ofrepparttar 122093 aura itself, which is said to typical extend about three feet aroundrepparttar 122094 physical body in all directions. This resembles a bubble of light that is typically sealed by a slightly thicker membrane that preservesrepparttar 122095 autonomy ofrepparttar 122096 entity. Imagine a soap bubble filled with light and you getrepparttar 122097 idea. Some people have larger, more expansive auras, and often you can recognize these people byrepparttar 122098 way they seem to mysteriously fill their room with their presence. Others have very tall auras that seem to extend as far as six feet above their head. This elongation ofrepparttar 122099 aura, towardsrepparttar 122100 skies andrepparttar 122101 realms ofrepparttar 122102 ascended masters, saints andrepparttar 122103 angels is a goal of many devoted Buddhists, Christians and spiritual seekers. All ofrepparttar 122104 chakras play important roles in maintainingrepparttar 122105 health ofrepparttar 122106 aura, butrepparttar 122107 chakra directly involved in communication with angels isrepparttar 122108 Crown Chakra. Aboverepparttar 122109 Crown Chakra, hovering about six feet above your head is thought to berepparttar 122110 source of what is usually calledrepparttar 122111 Higher Self,repparttar 122112 Divine Imagination,repparttar 122113 Holy Guardian Angel, orrepparttar 122114 center of Christ Consciousness. This is usually seen as a small Sun or ball of shining light that emanates rays down throughrepparttar 122115 Crown Chakra. In order for this to happenrepparttar 122116 crown chakra has to be open to receive whatrepparttar 122117 Buddhists call enlightenment. One way to understandrepparttar 122118 Chakra system is to imagine that there is a string of multicolored Christmas lights connected from your base chakra up through your body torepparttar 122119 crown of your head. Connected to that is an extension card that further plugs into this power source about six feet above you. The idea is to send light up those bulbs by plugging into your energy source. That ball of light six feet above your head is what talks to other souls on your behalf, and also torepparttar 122120 angels. It sends messages to your chakras that in turn deal with issues of survival, sexuality, communication, your ability to give or receive love, self-expression, second sight andrepparttar 122121 ability to receive divine guidance. If you manage to plug into this higher source and light up all your chakras, you are said to have awakened your Kundalini. The ball of light known asrepparttar 122122 Higher Self,repparttar 122123 Divine Imagination orrepparttar 122124 center of Christ consciousness relates very strongly torepparttar 122125 Heart Chakra, which is seen as a pinpoint of light andrepparttar 122126 3rd Chakra. The 3rd chakra is used as a kind of bellows to energizerepparttar 122127 heart chakra each time you take a breath inside your body. Energizingrepparttar 122128 3rd and 4th chakras, by controllingrepparttar 122129 breath is though to openrepparttar 122130 Crown Chakra so that it can receiverepparttar 122131 light and wisdom ofrepparttar 122132 messages sent fromrepparttar 122133 higher self torepparttar 122134 physical body. This pathway forms a kind of circuitry that energizes and strengthens your connection to your higher self andrepparttar 122135 angels.

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