What is RFID and how will it help me?

Written by Vince OHare

RFID technolgy has been around for a few years but we are just hittingrepparttar tip ofrepparttar 133344 iceberg when it comes to its many uses. Most people don't even know what RFID is but odds are they have already been affected by it.

You have or are about to own a RFID tag and you don't even know it. If you have an EZ pass in your car that automatically paysrepparttar 133345 toll when you go past then you have a RFID tag. Wow thats cool is what you are probably saying but that is just one ofrepparttar 133346 uses.

They also use RFID to track cattle and soon they will be using it to track your luggage atrepparttar 133347 airport. As of this writingrepparttar 133348 airport in Las Vegas and Toyko Japan is experimenting with it.

You might have read about RFID inrepparttar 133349 newspaper lately and that is what lead you here. Major department stores are using RFID to track their inventory. You can read all about it on a1-rfid.com This works by placing a RFID tag onrepparttar 133350 pallet orrepparttar 133351 individual boxes and they are read as they are received atrepparttar 133352 stores fromrepparttar 133353 warehouse.

....The Future Of Telecommunications May Look Very Different....

Written by Michael Lemm

The current "frenzy" over VoIP seems to focused mostly on BroadBand phones and their predicted replacement of landline phone calls as we know it.

But that's justrepparttar obvious action onrepparttar 133343 surface.

VoIP technology is & can be much more than that. And company R&D is gearing up in unprecedented ways to prepare for that surprising leap in expectation.

Notice I said expectation.

Seemsrepparttar 133344 old business model in Telco was that whateverrepparttar 133345 companies came up with is whatrepparttar 133346 consumer would take.

The companies droverepparttar 133347 market & what was in it...including any technology "advancements" and their application, distribution, etc.

Remember.....we had dial-up internet....then DSL, cable, & satellite access. Now WiFi & soon reliable WiMax deployment.

We had high cpm PSTN / POTS residential phone calls....then we had bundled local/LD.... then flat rate LD. Now Broadband phone (VoIP).

We had bulky analog cell phones then digital/PCS, text messaging, and now sleek video cellular.

But that is old world thinking.

The reason is 2 fold....

First....VoIP technology (note I didn't say VoIP "phone") stands to afford unprecedented advancements and capabilities yet to be seen. The potential is boggling.

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