What is Probate?

Written by David R. Baker

What is Probate?

Nobody voluntarily chooses probate. People are too busy or preoccupied with health or other issues to plan. They pass away without a living trust and their heirs----usually their children---- find that they canít sell Mom or Dadís house without a court order or canít transfer Mom or Dadís bank account without court approval. Even with a will, they may be forced to file a probate proceeding.

Alternatives to Probate

Because probate is expensive and time consuming, a responsible attorney first tries to determine if there is an alternative to probate. In California,repparttar most common alternatives to probate are a Spousal Property Petition (if there is a surviving spouse) or a small estate transfer (ifrepparttar 119136 value ofrepparttar 119137 estate is less than $100,000). If these and other alternatives to probate are unavailable, thenrepparttar 119138 only recourse forrepparttar 119139 decedentís heirs is to file a probate proceeding.

Compensation For Car Accident and Injury Victims-Ohio

Written by Anthony Castelli Attorney At Law

Compensation For Car Accident and Injury Victims-Ohio If you are injured byrepparttar negligence of another inrepparttar 119135 State of Ohio your are entitled to compensation for certain damages. First let's define negligence. It isrepparttar 119136 failure to do what a reasonably careful person would do underrepparttar 119137 circumstances. The damages recoverable are as follows:

1. medical expenses past and future 2. Lost wages past and future 3. Pain and Suffering past and future 4. Loss of enjoyment of life past and future 5. Disfiguremnt from scarring past and future

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