What is Pay Per Call? How does it work?

Written by Joe Balestrino

Pay Per Call isrepparttar next wave of advertising onrepparttar 139386 Internet. Similar to a Pay – Per –Click advertising. Pay Per Call has a lot more to offer and a wider audience in mind. The Pay-Per Call (PP-Call) is geared towards small businesses that do not have a web presence onrepparttar 139387 internet. However, this form of advertising can be used by all types of business or services offered onrepparttar 139388 net.

Advertisers create an ad similar to a Pay-Per-Click (PP-Click) ad. Advertisers choose key terms in which they would like to appear under. They also choose their geographical location (local, regional or national) Pricing starts at $2 and can exceed $20. The ad itself consists of a headline and 2 additional lines of text, (including a URL ifrepparttar 139389 company has one). Surfers then callrepparttar 139390 toll free number shown inrepparttar 139391 ad. Afterrepparttar 139392 surfer callsrepparttar 139393 number,repparttar 139394 call is forwarded torepparttar 139395 actual business phone. Seems pretty basic doesn’t it? But, I had a few questions I needed answered so I contacted Ingenio and spoke to them about their service.

My first question regarded calls placed after business hours. If my business phones are manned Monday – Friday, 9 to 5, will calls still come in after 5pm on Friday? The answer is that currently there is no automated scheduling that will turn your ads on or off at a specified time. However, you can go in manually and pause your account so that your ads are not shown during non-business hours. The automated scheduling is inrepparttar 139396 process of being implemented but there is currently no set date for this to take effect. Of course, you can place your business hours inrepparttar 139397 ad as well but this may take up valuable space that could be better utilized describing products or services. Businesses that have a call center for after hours calls are effectively 24 hour businesses, so this should not be an issue for them.

More Links, Better Ranking in Search Engines!

Written by Azani

You have a great full content of web site that you have submittedrepparttar URL to every search engines available. Your web site's META tags are also completed with descriptions, keyword and robot instructions. You think your web site is better then your competitors. But... unfortunately, your site is still lying inrepparttar 139134 dark site of those search engine. Means, your page ranking is not onrepparttar 139135 first, second orrepparttar 139136 third page when certain phrase about your web site was search byrepparttar 139137 search engine. What is wrong? Hmm... Ok, go to google.com and type "link:www.yoursite.com", where is "link:" is a command to list down any incoming link. Note down how many web sites have your link from theirs. Now type "link:www.yourcompetitor.com", who have better ranking than you. How many incoming links they have? I think you gotrepparttar 139138 picture now.

Yes, in order to get a better or higher ranking in search engines particularly in Google you must get more incoming links from other web site. Search Engine Optimizer (SOE) refer this as "Link Popularity". More links you get means higher ranking in search engine's search result. Usually, you do not need to submit your URL to search engine manually to be listed, you only need to be linked by other web site. The search engine robot will crawl from site to site by available link. If it found new web site that did not listed yet, it will index it. So, I think get more links isrepparttar 139139 most important thing to do to expose your web site torepparttar 139140 world.

How to improve link popularity?

You must be very careful in getting links. Do not involve in "Links-For-All" repository scheme, which do more harm than good for your web site. They were design especially for getting high ranking, which sometime violaterepparttar 139141 Term of Service of search engines. The search have a mechanism to differentiate betweenrepparttar 139142 good andrepparttar 139143 bad links. If caught, sorry, your web site will be in great trouble for a very long time.

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