What is PageRank?

Written by Matt Colyer

What is Pagerank? - Pagerank is based on how many links to one website. PageRank is a value that represents how important a page is onrepparttar web. Robots or Spiders figures that when one page links to another page, it is casting a vote forrepparttar 128296 other page. Alsorepparttar 128297 importance ofrepparttar 128298 page that is castingrepparttar 128299 vote determines how importantrepparttar 128300 vote is. It matters because it is one ofrepparttar 128301 most important factors that determines a page's ranking inrepparttar 128302 search results but It isn'trepparttar 128303 only factor that Search engines uses to rank pages. Not all links are counted by Search engines. .Some links can cause a site to be penalized by Search engines.

Internal linking - Internal linking also plays a factor inrepparttar 128304 Page Rank ofrepparttar 128305 pages within a site. The linking structure withinrepparttar 128306 site should followrepparttar 128307 themed approach to internal linking, which stresses importance on minimizing linking between 2nd and 3rd level directories and pages. Example - The homepage has a PageRank of 5. You link your homepage that has a PageRank of 5, to other web pages on your site, which will in turn have a PR of 3 or 4. Now, you link all ofrepparttar 128308 secondary pages that have a PR of 4 torepparttar 128309 tertiary pages that will in turn have a PR of 3.

External Linking - External linking isrepparttar 128310 biggest factor in determining

How You Can Get Another Free Listing In Yahoo

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

How You Can Get Another Free Listing In Yahoo

Let's be honest. There's three types of people inrepparttar world.

* Yahoos * Googlers * People who are neither, or both.

I've been lurking in forums, and I realized something - they seem to be a lot saner than I am. But then, almost everyone is.

I've been a Google gal for a while. There. I said it. And why not? Google has been good to me.

But Yahoo finally has me convinced that they are at minimum,repparttar 128295 top contender forrepparttar 128296 title of heavyweight search engine champion ofrepparttar 128297 world. I now take them very seriously for many reasons.

What really hasrepparttar 128298 potential to turn me into a type 2 or 3 isrepparttar 128299 attention Yahoo pays to RSS. Like everyone, I heardrepparttar 128300 big announcement back in February of this year that Yahoo was developing an RSS Directory, and had re-launched their Beta RSS Headlines module of "My Yahoo!".

Still, I took my time hopping onrepparttar 128301 "marketing through RSS" bandwagon, though I've had feeds on most of my sites since late 2002.

When I finally started using my feeds during some research, I ran across Yahoo's "Add to My Yahoo!" button on many sites that also carryrepparttar 128302 orange "XML" insignia,

And I have to say, it shocks me how easy it seems to be to get Yahoo to pay attention to your feed.

The folks at Yahoo tell you that they are forming an RSS Directory on this page: http://my.yahoo.com/s/publishers.html#find

The page goes on to tell you that getting your feed included is as simple as adding your feed to your own "My Yahoo" Page.

You may be thinking, as I was, that this can't berepparttar 128303 same Yahoo we're talking about. The one whose search engine many secretly hoped would fail, inrepparttar 128304 off chance that we could go back torepparttar 128305 Google-on-Yahoo days? (Don't look at me. I'm not THAT much of a Google gal.)

But yes,repparttar 128306 same Yahoo whose directory many found so difficult to get into in days of yore, lists your feed in their directory almost immediately.

Furthering my investigation, I blewrepparttar 128307 dust off my own Yahoo page, unused since 2003, scrolled down torepparttar 128308 bottom, and clickedrepparttar 128309 "choose content" button.

They didn't even try to hide it. In five steps, taking me less than a minute, my link was added.

Underrepparttar 128310 first section ofrepparttar 128311 options for "My Front Page", under "My Yahoo! Essentials", was "RSS Headlines (BETA)New!". I chose that (step one), and onrepparttar 128312 next page, all I had to do was type in my news feed, (step two) click search (step four), and then whenrepparttar 128313 page re-loaded, click onrepparttar 128314 "Finished" button (step five).

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