What is PageRank?

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling www.sitetube.com

Chances are you have been onrepparttar Internet and have been surfing in and out of websites looking for valuable information pertaining to a favorite topic or researching a subject for school or work. As you type in keyword(s) you matchrepparttar 127895 information you are searching for on Google, you come up with 10,000 pages of information. It’s virtually impossible to go through every one, so you refine your search by adding more exclusive keywords. Voilarepparttar 127896 number of pages reduces to around 1,000. Still this is a lot of pages, but you start looking throughrepparttar 127897 information to find what you want.

As you go throughrepparttar 127898 first 10 links onrepparttar 127899 page, WHAM! The information you needed to find was inrepparttar 127900 first or second in order of PageRank. You wonder how did they get such a high rank on Google? You may think it was very expensive to get that site atrepparttar 127901 top ofrepparttar 127902 heap. The funny thing is, with a little know how and about $75 you too can go forrepparttar 127903 top.

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO”, has become a standard inrepparttar 127904 web design industry, every customer of a good web designer wants to be number one in their keyword and may be willing to payrepparttar 127905 extra money to get there. A good web designer will dress up a web sites home page to matchrepparttar 127906 requirements of their client on specific keywords. The client will also pay more forrepparttar 127907 exclusivity to remain there untouched. SEO has become a niche for a lot of web companies. They know if they can getrepparttar 127908 company torepparttar 127909 top fast,repparttar 127910 word of mouth will be helpful toward their business.

Through specialized META tags (hidden group of keywords)repparttar 127911 web designer will strategically place keywords multiple times inrepparttar 127912 title bar, keywords, and even as hidden text. Some search engines have figured these tricks ofrepparttar 127913 trade out and have banned certain websites from their indexes. Google has becomerepparttar 127914 engine of choice for a lot of people today. There is a different logic Google uses to calculate page rank and keywords is only a portion of it.

How important are back links?

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling www.sitetube.com

When setting up your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google there are several factors you need to look at in order to obtain a high rank on their search engine. Of course your content and meta tags must be inline with positive density percentages and reciprocal links. Google then takes your website and performs a mathematic equation and places a numeric value on your website depending on one ofrepparttar most important features, reciprocal or back links.

A back link and reciprocal link are identical. They both sayrepparttar 127894 same thing torepparttar 127895 Google engine, that your site should be ranked higher inrepparttar 127896 order because other people find value in what your website has to offer, thus they provide a link to your site. In turn, you keep a closed loop by reciprocatingrepparttar 127897 favor torepparttar 127898 other website by extendingrepparttar 127899 same courtesy of a back link. Thus creating a solid network connection. Google likes to see interconnectivity and will reward your website well for planning it this way.

There are drawbacks torepparttar 127900 equation. As things change a website that you are affiliated with may

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