What is Organic Food?

Written by Jeremy Pickles

"Organic" has some quite specific legal definitions in most developed countries.

Inrepparttar U.S, all farms or products claiming to be "certified organic" must be guaranteed by a USDA-approved independent agency to be meetingrepparttar 145703 following guidelines:

* Sound records kept of all operations * No use of antibiotics or hormones in livestock * No use of genetically modified organisms * No irradiation * Use sound soil conservation and crop rotation practice * And most importantly, that there has been no useage of prohibited materials within 3 years prior to certification, or at any time during certification.

The USDA defines 'prohibited materials' as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and sewage sludge. It is also a requirement that there is no cross-contamination during processing, which means organic wheat for example cannot be ground in a flour factory that also handles non-organic material.

Produce grown organically certainly tastes better thanrepparttar 145704 usual supermarket stock. It also contains higher levels of nutrients and far lower residual pesticides. You can read allrepparttar 145705 latest Organic Food articles and research at http://www.ge-free.com/

Wine Making and Home Brewing: What's the deal?

Written by June Beezy

When it comes to making alcoholic beverages at home, wine making and home brewing is considered sort of a 'niche' market. You either know how to do it or you don't! This is very hard to believe as wine making and home brewing has been going on for thousands of years. Just recently it was confirmed that wine making was invented in Cyprus rather than western Europe. As we still discoverrepparttar facts aboutrepparttar 145676 history, what aboutrepparttar 145677 present? Why is wine making and home brewing such a 'taboo' subject if you may? Is it because ofrepparttar 145678 'legal' aspects involved with alcohol in general? Or it just sounds messy and confusing, something we should all leave torepparttar 145679 professionals alone?

I've been involved with wine making and home brewing for about two years now and I've found it to be one ofrepparttar 145680 most 'quiet' form of entertainment (Yes its actually that fun!). It's one of those things that people do, but don't talk about it, at least not to strangers ofrepparttar 145681 genre. Lets now get into a little bit of detail onrepparttar 145682 difference between wine making and home brewing.

Wine making (As it sounds) is about wine making only. The most basic ones are red wine and white wine. Their are many type of kits you can buy and even get special sub-level kits that go right down torepparttar 145683 exact type of wine (chardonnay for example).

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