What is Mystery Shopper?

Written by Joseph Then

There has been a pretty unknown job that brings money and freedom to many people. Well, it doesn't bring financial independent but it does free a person's time and earnrepparttar same amount of money as if they are working full-time.

Introducing: Mystery Shopper

What exactly is a "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper"?

A "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper " is someone who is hired by an establishment to pose as a customer and secretly report back torepparttar 139984 owner howrepparttar 139985 service was, or other details that are requested. The person is then paid forrepparttar 139986 assignment and sometimes gets reimbursed for their purchase, meal or other things.

Establishments include but are not limited to: Department stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Gap and Radio Shack. Restaurants such as Taco Bell, Jack-In-The-Box, McDonald's and Olive Garden. Fun parks such as Six Flags and Disney World, and Carnival Cruise Ship lines are looking for Mystery Shoppers like you.

Sell your items at cost and make a fortune on ebay!

Written by Mike Ralph

You dont always have to sell at a profit to make a fortune on ebay. I sat down and thought outside ofrepparttar ebay box and now every item makes a profit for me, evenrepparttar 139944 ones I sell at cost!

Like all ebay sellers I wanted to sell all of my items at a profit and what I found was that when I was getting torepparttar 139945 end of line items that I was ending up selling them at cost, even thoughrepparttar 139946 items were finally selling at a profit price, because I was having to factor inrepparttar 139947 ebay relisting fees etc.

So I took a moment and sat down and thought how I could deal with these items and still make money. What I ended up doing was thinking outsiderepparttar 139948 ebay sellers box and coming up with selling them at cost to make a fortune!.

What I mean by this was that I was going to sellrepparttar 139949 items at no loss to me on ebay but then userepparttar 139950 opportunity to build a relationship withrepparttar 139951 buyer that could be used to build long term profit for me. Think of it as :

A loss leader withoutrepparttar 139952 Loss!

Let me use a couple of examples :

Scenario One

Item sells on ebay for £20 profit, buyer buysrepparttar 139953 item and pays and thatsrepparttar 139954 end of it. Your total profit is £20.

Scenario Two

Items sells at cost, zero profit but you userepparttar 139955 sale as an opportunity to build a relationship withrepparttar 139956 buyer and lock them into your business. The buyer then buys one item a month (maybe more!) for a year giving you a profit of £240 (minimum). If these are from your website not ebay your profit will be greater as you will have no fees. Overrepparttar 139957 lifetime value of a customer this could mean thousands of pounds profit…

It is common knowledge that when a customer is locked into your business or product then they are more likely to repeat purchase, which is whererepparttar 139958 fortune part ofrepparttar 139959 equation comes in. The principle can also be used when you sell at full price but as you are selling at a bargain pricerepparttar 139960 customer is more likely to be interested in your offer as they will put your product and value intorepparttar 139961 same sentance.

What I am asking you to do is to take a critical look at whatrepparttar 139962 true worth of ebay actually is, is is not just in instant terms butrepparttar 139963 long term possibilities far outwayrepparttar 139964 short term profits.

The question is now, ‘How do you build this relationship?’

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