What is MLM ?

Written by Fernando Soave

Multilevel Marketing is one ofrepparttar fastest growing yet most misunderstood methods of moving products in use today. It has been termed by many asrepparttar 122545 Wave-of-the Eighties.

But, it will go far beyond that. Byrepparttar 122546 90's more than 100 billion dollars woth of products and services has been moved through Multilevel Marketing companies. As we are inrepparttar 122547 21st century watch out !

What is MLM ?

This question is quite frequently in response to a button we often wear or we have seen wearing by others.

Let's explain it .

1. Marketing simply means moving a product or service fromrepparttar 122548 manufacturer or provider torepparttar 122549 consumer. 2. Multilevel refers torepparttar 122550 system of compensation provided torepparttar 122551 persons who are causingrepparttar 122552 product to move orrepparttar 122553 service to be provided. "Multi" means more than one. "Level" means generation.

There are really 5 basic methods of moving products : 1. Retailing. ex.repparttar 122554 drug store,repparttar 122555 department store,.... You go into a store and buy something. 2. Direct Sales. ex. Tupperware, Avon, ..... 3. Multilevel Marketing. This should not be confused with retailing and Direct Sales which commonly is. 4. Mail Order. This can be an MLM but mostly is included inrepparttar 122556 Direct Sales category. 5. Pyramid Sales. This type of Sales is to often confused with MLM. The fact is, Pyramides are illegal. The main reasons they may be illegal is their failure to move a product or to provide a valid service. If a product doesn't move, how can you even call it "marketing", let alone "Multilevel Marketing". Multilevel it may be, but Marketing they are not !!!

Now, most objections that people have about getting into Multilevel Marketing are due to not realisingrepparttar 122557 difference between MLM, Pyramid Sales andrepparttar 122558 Direct Sales methods of marketing.

This is understandeble because most reputable MLM companies belong torepparttar 122559 Direct Selling Association.

We have been conditioned to think of MLM as door to door direct sales programs because our first encounter with them was when a distributor knocked on our door to sell us something.

Anyway, there are some features that differentiate MLM from Retail and Direct Sales companies and on very significant difference is that in MLM you are in business for YOURSELF but not BY YOURSELF.

Being in business for yourself means you are buyingrepparttar 122560 products WHOLESALE fromrepparttar 122561 company you are representing. This means also that you can use these products for your own consumption at WHOLESALE PRICES.

Since we are buying products WHOLESALE we can, if we wish, sell these products at RETAIL and make a PROFIT.

The most common misunderstanding about MLM isrepparttar 122562 notion that you HAVE TO sell retail to be successful.

You may sell if you want to or have to due to your particulare program procedure, but in regard to makingrepparttar 122563 larger sums of income,repparttar 122564 real success is in buildingrepparttar 122565 organisation.

Obtaining Leads for Your On-Line Business

Written by Chuck MacLellan

We all want to generate traffic and hopefully sales to our on-line business. Probablyrepparttar best way to do so is by using "Opt-In" Leads. An "Opt-In" lead is where an individual fills out a form on a web site giving their personal information, i.e. name, e-mail address, phone number, and sometimes a physical address. They fill out these forms looking for information about making money with their computer.

There are many things to be careful of when using these leads. Unless you find a reputable lead supplier, chances are you will receive used and abused leads which will definitely lead to SPAM complaints. You want to purchase leads that haven't been sold more then once or twice. Yes, these will be more costly, but it will be money well spent! The best leads will also have an IP and Date Stamp whenrepparttar 122544 people filled outrepparttar 122545 form requesting information about a home-based business.

Most ofrepparttar 122546 leads you will find readily available are from people who see a pop-up ad that says "Fill out this form and win a prize" Come on....admit it...You have filled out at least 1 of these forms before. Don't worry...we all have. I think I'm still receiving unwanted e-mail from a company promising me a free widget. Here isrepparttar 122547 problem, I don't remember filling out forms for a lot ofrepparttar 122548 junk mail I receive. Not to say I didn't fill it out, I just don't remember doing so. I'm sure if I wasn't involved in Internet Marketing, I'd be pretty upset by allrepparttar 122549 junk e-mail I receive.

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